Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Picnic With Sandra

Sandra picked me up today and we went for a walk at Cranberry Flats. It was so nice to be out of the city and out walking and very nice to spend some time catching up with Sandra. She's been traveling and I enjoyed hearing about some of that and catching up on what all of her kids are doing. Katelyn moves into her own little home this weekend, just around the corner from us. That must be exciting for her.

Sandra packed the prettiest little picnic complete with red checkered picnic blanket and a delicious home-made lunch made with loving care. We sat among the wildflowers and didn't see another soul there until we were almost back to the parking lot. It was so nice. Fresh air, open spaces and good company. Sandra and Gregg are in training for the MS bike marathon and they often bike out to Cranberry Flats and back. Biking. I'm envious, even though my bike isn't intended for THAT kind of biking.

I was pretty tired after that and then slept most of the afternoon. That was it. Even when I woke up around 5:00, I never felt entirely awake after that. I've been sleepy all evening and will soon be packing it in for the night.

Thanks, Sandra, for the beautiful little escape and for the home-baked treats complete with lollies that you left for us. Luke sniffed them out very quickly!

Sandra did pretty good taking this photo at arm's length.



  1. It was so nice spending time with you. And it didn't rain. Sorry I tired you out so much. Come by and see Katelyn's house when Hannah comes in.
    Hugs and Love

  2. Hi Sandra! You can bet I was thinking of you all on moving day ... while the rain was pouring down! ICK!! I hope you Katelyn was able to get the keys in a timely fashion. We'll certainly stop by when Hannah's home. Surely I'll be able to walk the block and a half to Katie's place!

    By the way, I was tired later on Friday but happily tired! I think it was also catching up with me for not napping the day before.


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