Saturday, December 26, 2009


It was such a nice Christmas yesterday! We opened presents in the morning at home with Don and Syl and then got over to Jim and Lynne's at about lunch time with the whole Kerr family. Only Josh was missing. Both game and dining tables stayed busy pretty much all day! We had a fabulous turkey dinner! The whole day was great!

Now, more of the same later today. We all slept like logs last night, we were so tired. In fact, it's almost noon and Hannah and Luke are still tucked in their beds.

I'm also happy to say that I think my worst radiated skin issues to this point are starting to turn the corner. Yesterday, through the night and today I've had better range of motion and less cracking and stinging. I'm pretty excited about that! It was a week ago that I had my last full radiation and so far the booster shots haven't been as bad. I'm feeling encouraged! YEAH!!

Happy boxing day everyone!


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