Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Tomorrow will be my new "birth day" because after today I can put cancer treatments behind me. Today, at 1:30, I have my LAST radiation treatment. The very last one. I'm so excited to be done with surgery ... done with chemo ... done with radiation. Aside from a little tweaking with estrogen blocking drugs, I'm DONE with cancer treatments.

There's a bell on the wall in the radiation department and you ring the bell after your last treatment. I'll be ringing that bell today and everyone there will be clapping for me. I already feel very emotional about it.

Thanks for all your calls and emails. Thanks so much, Susan and Susan, for the beautiful bouquet and your cheery note! I was so surprised! And really happy! It really feels like a celebration.
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  1. Great. Delightful. Fantastic. Excellent. Fabulous. Wonderful. Awesome. Marvellous. Joyous.
    Let the Bell Ring!!

  2. Thanks, Laurel! Thanks so much!! Those are all fitting expletives! I'm overjoyed!! My new birth day is the day before yours, except that mine will be number "0". Next year on December 30, I'll be 1 year old.


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