Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Book Read

I'm trying to get through a stack of books I bought used once when Hannah was home. They were a steal.

So, I just finished Light on Snow by Anita Shreve. Years ago I read The Pilot's Wife, also by her.

Light on Snow was an easy read. Good enough and kept me intrigued though it won't make my top 10. There are some nice moments in the book and I recommend it for those times when you want a quick read that isn't too complicated but tugs at your heart without being too sappy.

Here's the tease: "Twelve-year-old Nicky Dillon and her father are starting life anew in rural New Hampshire following a family tragedy. As both finally settle into familiar patterns and routines, an unexpected "find" one wintry day impinges on the natural order that they have worked so hard to achieve. When they stumble upon a newborn baby girl left abandoned in the woods little do they realise the maelstrom that is about to follow."

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