Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miracle on McPherson Avenue

This little keychain is a miracle! I don't know where it's traveled to since Cindy popped it in the mail in June, but it just got here three weeks ago without the card and even without the envelope. Well, that's not entirely true. It came in it's original box, which was inside a plastic bag with some information from Canada Post along with a little scrap of crumpled and ink-smeared paper from the original envelope. How they even figured out it should come here is a marvel. But here it is with nary a scratch! Thanks, Cindy!! It's on my keychain.

I just checked out our house on Google's Streetview for Saskatoon. They just released it for our city and here's our house. I wish they'd come by in summer instead of spring. It would have looked a little better then. It takes a while to figure out and master the movement in Google Streetview, but it is a handy tool for travelers. I won't get into the whole privacy issue. I'm not worried about stalkers and papparazzi. For some reason, they're not stalking and papparazzi-ing me.

My radiation appointment is at 2:20 today and I can see the radiation oncologist if I choose. I don't feel I need to see him. Things are going okay so far as far as radiation is concerned. Nothing beyond the norm and nothing my radiation therapists haven't been able to advise me on.

My limbs feel worse since yesterday. I really wonder if it isn't because of the cold weather. I could move a little more freely after my hot bath last night but before long, the old joints were seized up again. Kevin is in Regina and when he phoned last night it took so long for me to get to the phone, he hung up. I phoned him back and he said he hung up because he thought I must have gone to bed. But no ... it just takes me a very long time to stand, get my legs moving and then get across the room to the phone! We laughed at that. I remember thinking at the time that I was, in fact, kind of running to the phone ... if we can call that running ... and it still took me about 8 rings to get there. This limb thing is SOOOOO pathetic!!! I just want it to improve. NOW!!!

Two more sleeps to Luke!!


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