Monday, December 28, 2009


Yesterday was mostly a wigless regroup day for me. For Kevin it was "game day with the guys ... and Chantelle". Hannah was out most of the day. She and Leah spent some time at Leah's working on the essays they have to finish before January 1. Luke was out with pals keeping their lacrosse sticks warm, working out, shopping and then went to a movie. That left me at home alone most of the day, which was just what I needed after such a social last few days. I was in my pajamas almost all day! And no wig. Bonus. I think the wig wears my tender newly sprouted hairs off at the pressure points so I try to avoid wearing it as often as I'm comfortable, which means when not in social situations.

It was pizza dinner at our house last night and at the homes of many others I imagine based on how busy the pizza place was! Darrel, Lynn and Kathy (and Otto and Shelby, the dogs) joined Luke and I for pizza. Mom and Auntie Anne came by after, followed by Hannah. Lynn, Kathy and I did a bit of puzzling ... a Kerr Christmas annual event. The photo is of the pin-up puzzle I finished last night.

While my underarm is getting better (I'm so happy about that), my actual breast has become increasingly tender. There's a lot of cupping and lotioning going on in that department. Only one more zap of radiation left tomorrow, though. I'm very tired. Even after sleeping long hours, I wake up feeling tired expecting that I'll feel perkier once I'm up for a while. But I don't. I just feel dog tired. Not so much sleepy tired, though that's part of it sometimes, but just all over bone tired. I remember feeling that way during chemo sometimes, too. Still, I have the time to indulge my fatigue, so it's not so bad. If only my joints would improve! Yesterday my hands were more stiff and achy than usual. I just don't get it. It's puzzling.



  1. YAY your last radiation treatment! Remember to ring that bell loud and proud tomorrow!

  2. Tomorrow is a big day .. will be thinking about you.


  3. Thanks, Berny and Karen! I'm so excited about today. Tomorrow will be my new "birth day" and I look forward to moving beyond breast cancer treatments and getting back to feeling like a real human being again!

    I'll be ringing that bell loud and clear, Berny!

    Thanks, pals!


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