Monday, December 21, 2009

Only 4 Left! And 2 Sleeps to Hannah

Radiation Treatment Status: 26 done. 4 to go!

Today was the first of the "booster rads". These are shallow proton beams that go directly into the area where my tumour was. That should mean no more burning of the delicate and now crispy skin under my arm. I'm so glad of that. So far my skin is holding together but it's very on the edge I think. When I move my left arm very far it feels like my skin is cracking there and it stings but when I look, I can't see any breaks in the skin. I apply lotion like crazy now just trying to keep that skin from breaking. Today was the first time I really, REALLY had a hard time putting my arm over my head for the radiation treatment for the above mentioned reason.

Last night we had a very nice family dinner at Darrel and Lynn's. Josh and Noelene go home today and so this was a chance to have some "Christmas" with them. We were all there except sick Jim, exam-writing Hannah, and Calgary Jack, Jodi, Meghan and Dawson. It was nice to see the older cousins (that would be all of them except Meghan and Dawson who weren't here) hanging out and playing games together. Mom was in for the event, too, and went home this morning. She'll be back in a couple of days.

Despite the arm discomfort, I feel better today than yesterday. Maybe that's because I went back to bed for a couple of hours after my radiation treatment. My joints are middle of the road, the worst part right now being my lower right calf that seems seized up today and has me limping about. I think I'll try a hot bath on it. Then ... we still have that tree to decorate. How long can you have an undecorated fir tree in your house before it's considered weird?


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