Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Relief from Arctic Temperatures, at Least!

Radiation Treatment Status: 23 done. 7 left!!

Last night, for the first time, my skin was VERY sore; enough to make me reach for the tylenol. It's just that especially dark patch under my arm. If you raise your arm, you know that shallow divot between your armpit and your breast/chest? That's the spot. Today the radiation therapist told me that because of the angles, that area does often get the worst of it. They gave me a saline solution and instructions for "a soak" and a pad that I can saturate and apply to my skin to help the situation. I haven't looked at it yet but will later today. Now that things actually hurt, I dread the treatments. Two more to get to the weekend and then just the 5 booster rads after that.

When I went out to start the car this morning, it was so balmy I questioned whether I really needed to wear a jacket! Luke had a late night last night so I let him sleep and drove myself. I woke to a couple of my semi-adopted sons sleeping on the sofas, which gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling all over. After getting zapped, I made a couple of stops to pick up some Christmas gifts while my spirit and legs moved me. I'm pretty sleepy, though, so I think it will be an earlier than usual night.

My joints are perhaps slightly better than yesterday but not quite as good as the day before that. The differences are small. I don't walk quite as gracefully as I could 2 days ago and my hands are definitely more stiff. Peaks and valleys.

Kevin gets home from Red Deer either late tonight or tomorrow, depending on their progress there.

Seven more sleeps until Hannah is here!

Happy Birthday (yesterday), Graham! And Happy Birthday today, Dawson!



  1. Hi Heather,
    Sigh to the peaks and valleys. Tis the season for Peace, Hope, Comfort and Joy. Savour each blessing (as you have been).
    I'm with you on the warm and fuzzies when 'adopted kids' find your home comfortable enough to stay.
    Found a special gift for you and your itchy back, but after you described your doctor's recommendations I need to find one more thing to make it perfect!
    Hang in with all the fuzzy stuff.

  2. Thanks Heather for hosting my son overnight. It is so nice to know he is save at your house and not driving anywhere when he shouldn't be. It sounds like they had a good time. Those college guys, what a life...They crack me up! Anyway, talk to you soon.

  3. Hi Laurel!

    I hear you got your tree up. Did your boys notice? We don't have ours up yet. I think this weekend will be it. I was holding out for good weather and I don't like to put up a real tree too early or I'll end up with a pile of needles on the floor.

    Well, Laurel, you certainly have piqued my curiosity! Hmmmm ...

    I hope you're feeling better, too. If you are, maybe it's a good idea to keep it to yourself until your family is in the good habit of jumping up to do things for you. Tee hee ...

  4. Hey Patty!

    You know I love pretending Matty is mine. He didn't sleep in his room when he was here, though. He's so conscientious. I'm sure he just didn't want to leave Arden sleeping on the main floor alone just in case he was sceerd!

    Isn't it great having them home again?


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