Friday, December 11, 2009

Only 10 Left!

Radiation Treatment Status: 20 done. 10 left!! 4 weeks done. 2 left. Another milestone. This was the first time I actually felt some real discomfort during the treatment itself. I thought to myself, "Good thing it's Friday"! Two days off.

Luke drove me there and home and put lotion on my back. We both went back to bed after a while and slept for a couple of hours. In fact, I'm just up and still feeling sleepy. Joint achiness has krept up on me while I was sleeping, though still not as bad as yesterday. My right hand is always worse than my left one. I'm going to try a second Tylenol for Arthritis. I'm still not sure if the one I took yesterday helped or not.

Happy Friday, everyone. I hear tomorrow is supposed to be especially cold so I hope you all can keep warm at home. It's a good day for Christmas decorating and baking, I think. Or curling up by the fireplace. As much as I love a good old wood-burning fireplace, I know we'd use ours a LOT more if we could turn it on with the flick of a switch. Sometimes I wish for a gas fireplace instead.


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