Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And Even More Good News

I just heard from my oncological nurse and she had some encouraging information for me. The oncologist who was on call today looked at my file and he feels that it will probably take another couple of weeks but that then I should start feeling some improvements in my joints and muscles. Even that is exciting to hear!! It's been bothering me so much that I haven't seen any improvement yet but to hear that it typically takes a little longer yet is just nice to know.

She also said that there will be a visiting oncologist filling in starting on January 11 and that shortly after that I'll have an appointment so we can start figuring out what to do about continuing medication.

That's all good news to have before starting my rebirth tomorrow! I'll wake up a new woman tomorrow! I wonder if Kevin's ready for that. I'll bet he is!!

Thanks, Sylvia, so much for these pretty roses and heather that you dropped by with! Such pretty pastels! I also listened to Leonard Cohen sing "Dear Heather" today. YEAH!!
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  1. That is wonderful news that we will soon have an oncologist looking after us again. That reminds me that I have to call the Nip hospital tomorrow to see if my orders have come in.

  2. Hi Berny! Yes, I hope this means good news for you, too. I know it's been a worry for you, too, us being in the same situation.


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