Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tight and Bright

Tight and Bright. That was the theme of the party Luke went to last night. Here was his look. All yellow with a definite touch of Blue Steel. Last year he went to a Short and Shiny party. Crazy kids!! Value Village ... or, as Carol calls it ... vallOOvillAGE ... is the source for theme party wear.

I, on the other hand was Dull and Droopy last night so I was in bed at 10:30 and stayed there until almost 10:00 this morning. I got up when I did because I knew my pals, Carol and Pat were coming by at 10:30. I was well rested and that's a good thing. We went out for brunch and had a nice chat and some laughs. I'm sure we solved all the world's problems as well as some of Carol's specific concerns.

I came home to Kevin making like a merry maid. He had done dishes and was washing floors between loads of laundry. Good man! Luke cleaned the bathroom. Bonus!

Elaine came by for a visit in the afternoon. Such a rare pleasure! Ken dropped her off while he went shopping and then even he stopped in for a moment to say Hi. What a good day I've had!

My skin doesn't feel too bad today. As long as I keep it lotioned, it's best. Otherwise the skin is crispy and doesn't have any elasticity. Well, more like NO elasticity. I have to be careful not to stretch my arm, though it's better if I've just applied lotion.

My joints aren't any better. Same old in that department. It still baffles me!

Thanks, Mike and Kristel for the Christmas baking you dropped off! Lovely!

And now, like last night, I'm very, very chilled and must have a hot bath.


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