Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hairy (not Harry) ... In My Dreams

These are proud or maybe bewildered parents! They are Dwayne's discus fish and they've had babies. You can see the little ones eating off the side of their Daddy. Or Mommy. I'm not sure. Hopefully they'll get big enough to prevent themselves from being eaten by their parents or other fish.

Today I'm just tired. Bone tired. Weak. I slept okay. I'm just weary all over. My joints are no better and I'm to the point where I've stopped anticipating a possible improvement every morning. That way it will come as a really happy surprise when there really is one. If there is one. My radiated skin is feeling a bit paperish and last night my back where the beams exit was quite itchy. Otherwise, it's not very bothersome. Just tender and increasingly pink with that more bold reddish triangle under my arm. It really is a triangle. It has distinct edges. Nothing fuzzy about it.

Today when I had my bath, I was prepared to shave my legs but when I looked, there was no hair to shave! Quelle surprise!!! And then I laughed because I must have been dreaming I had hair! It's so clear in my mind it seems real. I was so sure I'd noticed a respectable (or unrespectable) amount of hair on my legs during my last bath and that it was time to get out the razor. Imagine my bafflement and all the eye squinting I did before determining that no ... not a single hair there. Nothing. Not a one. Crazy! I'm just hairy in my dreams, I guess. I stowed the razor away again.

Last night we actually went out in this weather for dinner. But it was a special event and close by. It's a long standing family tradition to dine at Broadway Cafe (Norm's) on a regular basis. We've had many dinners there with Hannah and Luke. Sometimes Don and Syl have joined us as have other friends with their families. We're very fond of Norm, the proprietor. So we went there last night with Luke, Don and Syl and it was great. Great to see Norm again. We hadn't seen him for quite some time. We sat right over a register so we were toasty warm.

Lately I've been rather chilled at home. I thought it was just me and then Kevin looked at the thermostat yesterday to find that it was only getting to about 67 degrees in the house even though it was set for higher. No wonder I was chilled! The furnace guys came and fixed it up. It's a new furnace. Our old one failed completely on us on New Year's day a year ago and we got a brand spankin' new one that's all energy efficient and computerized. The problem seemed to be with the computer end of things and was soon fixed. Not the kind of thing Kevin can tinker with himself, unlike old furnaces. By the way, our energy costs dropped considerably ... much more than we expected they would ... after getting the new furnace. Just in case you're contemplating. Our old furnace was a 60's model.
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