Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Good Read

A couple of nights ago I finished reading Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls. She also wrote her astounding autobiography, The Glass Castle, which I read earlier. Her story is quite amazing and how she and her siblings found success let alone survived is quite amazing. This is the story of her grandmother and also provides the background for the story of Wall's own mother. It's an interesting read and good story telling. Hard times. Tough people. Undaunted spirits.


  1. And that would be you Miss Heather ...

    You have experienced such hard times and struggled through so many of the atrocities that comes with your fight to be cancer free.

    You are one of those tough people with the undaunting spirits .. my hats off to you.

    Keep feeling better .. xo

  2. Hey Mons amis.....I bought this book for Helena for christmas...she loved The Glass Castle. Anywho, I sent you a celebratory email..hope you read it !

  3. Thanks, Karen, for your very kind words!

    Thanks for your email, Carol. I got it, dear friend!

    I'm so lucky to have such an incredible bunch of pals to bolster me through this last year. My gratitude is immense!!


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