Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Puppy For Christmas!

A puppy arrived on our doorstep this morning! Kevin's been a little slow about getting a dog so Bonnie took matters into her own hand. As you can see, the little fella is already on the furniture. You should see him in action. He sings! VERY funny!!

Radiation Treatment Status: 29 done. Just 1 LEFT next Tuesday!!

Today was the first day I wasn't able to quite get my left arm in position over my head. The radiation therapists were great, though, and rigged something to support my arm a little closer to my body while still allowing them to position me for the radiation.

I then saw a radiation oncologist who I really liked. She was very personable and provided a lot of helpful information. She explained a few things and reminded me that the radiation effects will peak about a week after radiation is finished. After that, a little way into January, I should start seeing improvements. She gave me some strict instructions such as NO SOAP FOR A MONTH! Not on my radiated skin anyway. Don't get freaked out, though, because my sweat glands there are totally fried so I don't sweat. Not even when I have a hot flash. When I saw the doctor, I was wearing one of those baggy cotton things that tie in the back. She told me that I must wear one of those for the next month or, better, just hang out naked so that nothing is touching the radiated skin except good, old air. Now that won't be happening, I can assure you. I think Luke would be a little freaked out and, besides, I don't have drapes on all my windows. Still, I get the point and it's a reminder of what I have to do. I also have a prescription for a stronger hydrocortisone cream just in case I need it over Christmas.

After we were done in the radiation department, at Berny's suggestion, we stopped at the Champion Centre Pharmacy and just inquired about the Arimidex. Thanks, Berny, for the suggestion. It was a good one. I asked them when I might feel improvements after stopping the Arimidex and while I didn't actually get an answer, we had a very good talk with a pharmacist who was very familiar with this side effect and who pulled my file to put on someone's desk. That and talking to someone who has seen this side effect frequently was very comforting. Not a bad way to move into the Christmas break from cancer.

So now we're home getting the house tidied. I'm sorry to have missed Lou, who stopped by while I was at my treatment. Maybe we'll get a chance to drive out to see her beautiful lights and for a short visit during the holidays.



  1. I'm glad that you followed up on my suggestion and that it was helpful. Hopefully who's ever desk your file landed on will have some answers for you.

  2. That was such a good suggestion you gave me, Berny! THANKS!! I feel much better about my situation just having made that connection with someone who knows about this side effect.


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