Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wig? I Don't See No Wig!

I don't often wear a wig at home. They're not the most comfortable of things for extended periods of time and sometimes they make my head hot and/or itchy. On top of that, I think they rub off my tender new hair growth at the pressure points. All good reasons not to wear it. Still, I always wear it when I'm in the company of others. I prefer that the only people who see me without it are immediate family. Even then, I wish nobody, including me, had to see me without hair.

This means I have to be prepared for times when people come to the door unexpectedly. I try to keep a wig handy on the main floor. But where to keep it? Often it's just sitting on the dining table or the hall table. But it's kind of creepy to see a wig sitting there like some dead animal. I'm now trying to semi-disguise it so it's not so offending to the eye. Here it is disguised as "centrepiece". Here it is again disguised as "lamp finial". And again as "hairy angel knight".

I'll be glad when I don't have to disguise it at all and can donate it for the use of other cancer patients ... if some visiting pet doesn't shred it first.



  1. My fav is the hairy angel knight. You are too funny! I am so happy to hear you are getting more flexible...all good ! maybe part of it is this darn cold weather too :( - bright side: you are so close to being done treatment! I look forward to chatting soon - and celebrating being done treatment!

    Luv ya!


  2. Hi Bon Bon!

    I, too, look forward to celebrating with you when all this is DONE!

    I do think this Hairy Angel Knight is screaming to be a blonde, though, don't you?

  3. I think that knight looks fantastic with his new hair, and his Tupac angel wings.

    Rumour (Cody) told me that the Acton residence is in posession of a karaoke machine? Is this true?

    If so, I look forward to some very entertaining Christmas visits. Even if it's not true, I'm still looking forward to Christmas visits.

    Working life is hectic, but hopefully we'll be able to stop in around the holidays for a little bit here and there.

    I'm glad I've been able to follow your blog through this whole ordeal, and it's so good to hear that the worst is nearly over and that your spirits are high and you're doing well.

    I look forward to seeing you,


  4. Hi Kayla!!

    I'm counting on you and Mike and others on coming by for drinks and such during the holidays! I can't wait to see all of you. It's always GOOOD!

    We don't need no karaoke machine to karaoke around here, you know. Dancing and singing are on the agenda. Luke is already bustin' some grooves and I expect Hannah to be in fine form. I haven't kept up with my krumping but I'm sure I can manage a smooth waltz with a martini in hand. Cody and I will be open with some Nick Cave murder ballads before we break out the dancin' tunes since it turns out we're both fans.

    Thanks for keeping tabs on my, Kayla. It's really almost over and I really can't wait. Christmas will be a time for multiple celebrations and I'm glad you'll be joining us for that!! YAHOO!!


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