Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila ... FLOOR!

Here is last night's early evening crew downing tequila shots. We've been waiting for a time when Arden was with us to enjoy the tequila he so kindly brought back for us when he was in Mexico. Last night was the night. Of course, I wanted a photo of everyone together before they started downing their shots but I made the mistake of saying "okay" when I was ready to take the picture, which they took as the go-ahead to start shooting their shots! I love seeing Hannah's and Luke's friends! Love it! Love it! Love it!

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. to the sound of joyful voices still in the house. I thought it was Hannah and her friends but it turns out that she was tucked into her bed long before then. I guess Luke brought home a bunch of friends after their night at Amigos. He's still asleep. With his socks on. Silly boy!

My radiation treatment is today at 1:00 and I'll see a doctor at that time, though not my usual radiation oncologist.

Yesterday I heard from a Saskatchewan woman, Berny, who has been my route only a few steps ahead of me. I have been following her blog and had commented on it in August and she only just found my comment and sent me an email. Some of the things she's written in her emails so echoes my own thoughts and experiences that it feels like we should be having a sleep over together, talking and giggling through the night, like when we were kids. It's funny. And helpful. I have found her blog to be very helpful and comforting to me because we're experiencing a lot of the same drugs and in the same medical system. In fact, we've had the same oncologist and are both a little nervous about not yet having been assigned an oncologist at this point because we both have a pressing and time sensitive need for oncological direction. Berny has shared some useful tips and suggestions with me. Thanks, Berny!

Merry Christmas Eve's Day, everyone!



  1. Hi Heather - I feel the same way and maybe soon we can meet if not for a sleep over but maybe for coffee :o) Even though I have already been through this all it is still comforting for me to talk to someone else who is in the same boat. I'm really glad to have helped and I only wish I had seen your comment on my blog sooner.

  2. Hi Berny? What? You're not ready for a sleep over with a stranger?!! Bummer! Oh well, we'll just have to start with coffee! I would like that. When you're going to be in town sometime, you'll have to let me know. There's also the possibility I can snag a ride to Nipiwan with my husband who goes there from time to time with his job. We could coffee in Nipiwan. I'm sure we'll have no end of things to talk about.


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