Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm The Tin Man Set Free

I feel like the tin man who just got a WD40 treatment! My joints certainly aren't at 100% by any stretch but I'm able to move better today than I have for 2 months!! I'm so excited I'm almost elated, though I'm trying to keep emotions in check until I see how tomorrow goes.

I can stand up from a chair without using my arms to raise myself. I can get up and start walking without having to first stand and slowly straighten up and then stand for a while as I contemplate how I'm going to take my first steps without falling down. My arms move more smoothly. There's a lot less ache everywhere. My fingers are more flexible. It's all good. Or, at least it's all a lot better than it was. I'm almost crying I'm so happy to finally be able to move a little better. Even my back feels straighter. I haven't felt this normal since I can't remember when!! It's been almost two weeks since I stopped taking the Arimidex.

Please, oh please, oh please, oh please ... let this be for real!!!
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