Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Next Great Thing - Luke

I always like to keep short term rewards in sight. Grey Cup was the last one. My next one is Luke coming home. He comes home on the 10th. That is my next reward. It will be so nice to see him and have him home. My kids have their own ways of giving me perspective ... welcome ways that are unique to them. I can definitely use a major dose of Luke and Hannah.

Radiation Treatment Status: 12 done - 18 to go! Tomorrow they take more photos. My skin is holding up nicely. Tender for sure but only a little bit pink in some especially fragile places. I keep applying lotions. I only have a minimum of trouble so far getting comfortable at night.

I'm feeling especially fragile today because of my just discovered connection between my fuddy-duddy joints and the Arimidex I'm taking. I find I don't have the emotional stamina for new and different side effects that I had earlier during this process. Maybe because nobody warns me to watch for these latest side effects. Worse, feeling weak has a compounding effect. One who FEELS strong IS strong. Feeling weak can be pervasive. So I have to put that behind me and buck up again. Maybe it will help if I get some answers from an oncologist. I have a call in. It would be nice to think there's something I can do so that I can use my joints and muscles normally again.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACK!! I'm thinking of you!

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