Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It All Started ...

... innocently enough. Kevin, Hannah, Luke and I had dinner at the Nutana Cafe since it was Hannah's only chance to see Norm, the proprietor, while she's here.

I didn't plan a big party because I wasn't sure how I would feel at the end of radiation. Well, of course I knew I'd be elated, but I also didn't know how sore or fatigued I'd be. About a month ago I had invited Auria and Tarah to come by tonight and celebrate with us knowing that would also give us a rare chance to have all of us together for a visit. I also told the kids to have some friends over if they wanted because I love having their friends here and I also knew that I could still go to bed with a house full of young people in the house.

Kayla and Gillian were the first people here and they brought me this lovely amaryllis! It's gorgeous and it's so sweet of them.
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