Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Too "Beach Party"?

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  1. Hi Heather,

    Could you just send me a quick email. I lost all my contacts and do not have your address anymore. Thanks.

    Anita from splurge.

  2. You braved up and showed us! I had imagined how that looked when you first told how you had tried various items from your bathroom cabinet and area on your head. However, you now have a skiff of head cover for the starfish to 'hold' on to.

  3. Hi Cheryl! Yes, I was wondering if you would notice! Now that I have a wee bit of hair, I feel more bold, but you may have noticed that my actual face is still cropped out. I'm still not ready for the whole reveal ... just sneak peeks.

    Carol ... I'm an idiot and you're my partner in idiotdom! You do know that this is my scheme for enticing you to come over and DO my hair, don't you?! It's getting so unruly!

  4. Ha, these past several days, I've been thinking the photographer you had taking the photos of your head was poor at composition!

    But I do think you made a typo, Heather. Did you mean to say that you and your face have still "copped" out?

  5. Oh, man, Cheryl! I belly laughed at that one! "Copped out" for sure! LOL!! I missed that altogether. I was laughing to myself over "sneak peek" vs "sneak peak" since I have a big of a ridgeback look going on with my head shape!


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