Thursday, December 10, 2009

Luke's Enroute! Stiff Joints Be Gone!

Only 4.5 hours until Luke gets home! I'm very excited! How wonderful to have such a wonderful event to look forward, especially today when I might otherwise have been a bit down. My joints are worse today than the past couple of days so it would appear that being out in the cold does NOT have any particular negative impact on my joint stiffness. I've been inside all day except for getting in and out of Sylvia's warm car. It's very disappointing.

I kept busy all day doing some house detailing so things would look Christmassy and ship-shape for Luke's arrival. You would think my joints would have loosened up at least part of the time, but not so. I've struggled all day. I think my fingers are even a little swollen today. They're especially bothersome today and, for the first time, my jaw is even stiff! I noticed when I was chewing my sandwich at lunch time. It still feels a little stiff if I try to stretch it. I've been off the Arimidex for a full week, so I'm surprised that the stiffness is getting worse. I suppose the drug is still in my body and it took 6 weeks before the stiffness moved into my hands, shoulders and back. It hadn't occurred to me that it might still move elsewhere let alone my jaw! But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised about the jaw. It is bone after all. Dang!!

Today, I'm embracing Scarlett's mantra ... "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tommorrow. " ... because today is too exciting to be miserable about anything.

Thanks for your calls, emails, cards, thoughts and prayers. Know that you keep my spirits on the positive path.


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  1. Dang joints. . Realize though, that many of us (Dang aging too) are experiencing new stiffness these days. . . albeit without all the rest of your(God Bless) symptons. Hang in. . I am assured it WILL go away.
    I must say your house (per your posted pictures) is looking very pretty for the season. Mine, not so much. (I'm on strike. . . waiting for participation from the rest of the family!!) Except, that is, for your lovely amaryllis. It is blooming beautifully - thank you.
    Hello and welcome home to Luke.
    Take care


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