Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet Relief!

Radiation Treatment Status: 27 done. 3 to go!
My radiation oncologist was SO busy that after an hour of waiting, we were finally sent home with a prescription for hydro-cortisone cream after an experienced nurse took a look at me. I've only had one application of the hydro-cortisone cream and already my skin feels considerably better! Hallelujah for that! It felt good enough that Kevin, Luke and I went to a little soiree put on by a friend in our neighbourhood and it was a perfect pre-Christmas event to attend. Warm and jolly in beautiful surroundings with lots of happy people. It felt good to get out and socialize!
Luke, Kevin and I got the tree decorated today, too. Bonus. Luke can't remember the last time he decorated a tree ... he was THAT little! Now he thinks he should have his own show on The Learning Channel.


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  1. Merry Christmas to you too :)

    You're feeling party better - yay! That's terrific.

    Liam wanted his own tree so he could have colored lights on it (the family tree doesn't) so we got him one for Christmas a few years ago. Now I get to decorate it for him ... with colored lights ... 'cause I do such an awesome job.

    I think I should get Liam to watch Luke's show haha.



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