Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let The Bell Ring!

Done! The very last radiation treatment!! Now I can get on with life.

Radiation treatment status: DONE!!

I had my last treatment and then saw my radiation oncologist. He told me that my skin even looks like it's healing already, which it is because of the 4 day gap since my previous treatment. He reminded me of the delicacy of the skin and even when I touched my own skin to show him the area that was previously causing me the most grief, he cautioned me to not even touch it gently as I did. He said even that could cause skin to come loose. He reminded me that it's lotion in the radiated area and all down my arm for life because of the damage from the radiation and the damage to my lymphatic system in that arm. Lotion. Lotion. Lotion. No sun on that skin. Ever. I think I get it. I see him again in 3 months.

On the way out of the radation department and after some hugging, I rang the bell to announce me last treatment while people clapped. I had a tear in my eye as I walked away. It's been a very long haul and it's hard to believe it's really over. Well ... mostly over except for follow-ups and figuring out the drug problem. That aside, I'm on my way to full recovery. That's the plan. They can't tell me if the treatments worked or not. If the cancer doesn't come back, I'll know that it did. While that's not the kind of reassurance I'd prefer to have, it will have to do and I'll have to take a postive, optimistic approach while exercising reasonable lifestyle precautions to possibly prevent a recurrence.

Also ... just as another exciting little milestone ... I wore mascara today. My lashes are actually long enough for mascara. Short but there and more visible with mascara on. Oh yeah!!
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  1. Yay! The end of treatment and mascara! Wow this is a big day! I read that and my first thought was hmmph (that's a jealous humph) and then I thought well maybe mine are long enough. I put some mascara on and well . . . no not really :o( Oh well, such is life.

  2. Berny! Really, my eyelashes are barely there and only just enough to touch a mascara brush to! Maybe you just need to "believe"!! Try a sprinkling of fairy dust and try again next week.


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