Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beautiful Colour On A Bitterly Cold Day

Aren't these beautiful? Honestly, the camera doesn't quite capture the brilliance of the oranges in these flowers. I've never before seen such giant gerbera's. I love them!! Thanks so much, Bridget! These are unexpected but so much appreciated. I love these colours so much. Could anything be cheerier? For the rest of you, Bridget from Nosegay has been so kind and supportive as I go through this nasty business.

It is so cold out there, isn't it? I only stepped out to grab the newspaper. This morning my joints are in the same shape. No worse. No better.

Last night was the most discomfort I've had from the radiation but all in all, not so bad. Not bad at all. Things are definitely turning a brighter shade of pink and there's an especially reddish triangle under my arm over the surgical scar from where the two lymph nodes were removed. That's the area where I could feel some pain during the radiation treatment yesterday for the first time. And by pain, I don't mean PAIN. It was quite minimal.

Eyelashes!! I can't see them but I can feel an ever so fine fringe of eyelashes starting to grow back! That's exciting!! This week, for the first time, too, I can see an actual demarcation of where my forehead ends and my hair starts! It wasn't clear before and I was afraid I was going to have to do a comb over at the front because nothing seemed to be growing there. But now there's a definite stubble at the front that kind of merges with the fluffier stuff farther back. It's kind of like the shrubbery and short trees at the edge of a forest. It looks like a man's 5:00 shadow.

What a Ticketmaster headache we had this morning. Kevin was trying to buy tickets for one of the World Junior hockey games. He'd finally get some tickets and then it wouldn't accept his credit card. So then we signed in under my name and had troubles, too. And worse, the system doesn't tell you what the problem is and then bumps you right back to the home page and you have to start back at even locating the event again. It's the most frustrating online system I've ever had to use. There have been times, using it, where it's worked just fine for me with only some annoyances concerning the functionality of their system and other times where, unexpectedly, it just doesn't work and there's not telling why. Emails to Ticketmaster asking for some explanation or instruction have never resulted in a response. I really do HATE Ticketmaster and wish there was another way to purchase tickets to anything. At one point Kevin tried phoning but couldn't get through. We did manage to get game tickets eventually but with no control over choosing from the available seats (as is always the case) and only after much distress. For those events that sell out in a few minutes, we would have ended up without tickets at all even though we were initially successful at getting some on the screen only to have the transaction fail after that. For the money you pay for tickets to almost anything, there should be a better user-friendly system.

To forget the stresses of Breast Cancer and Ticketmaster Hell, I have only to look at these beautiful flowers. Thanks again, Bridget!


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