Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I Want For Christmas ...

I was talking with Hannah on the phone tonight and she asked me what I want for Christmas. "Hair", I told her. She said that's akin to asking for your two front teeth. We laughed.

Since we were talking about hair, here's a photo of the progress on the hair front so far. See how unruly it gets around my ears! This is after I've been wearing a wig so it's kind of like "bed head" and not nice and evenly curled like it is after it's been freshly washed. I'll have to try a comparison photo to see if the difference shows up on camera.

My skin isn't as sore as it was last night even though I haven't tried the saline solution compress yet. I might have aggravated it last night when I stretched my arm while pulling my shirt over my head. I'll change very carefully tonight.

Luke and I had a nice dinner with Rex and Erin tonight, who we don't see nearly as often as we did before all this cancer nonsense. Gavin was going to join us but just couldn't find his legs after traveling through the night to get home from a ski vacation at Whistler. We left him in bed.

Kevin phoned and is on his way home from Red Deer. I'm glad he can get home early. He should be here close to midnight.

I love Christmas ... even those years when it's crazy, CRAZY busy getting ready for it. There are some beautiful lights on our street. The house on the corner down from us always has wonderful lights and this year even WE have lights!! *** sigh ***


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