Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Counting Sleeps

It's crisp outside! I only stepped out to get the newspaper but that was enough so far. The hydraulics on the screen door acted like my joints feel. Actually, my joints weren't as bad last night as the night before and so far this morning they're not too bad either, though they're usually better in the morning. My appointment isn't until 3:00 and Sylvia, bless her, is picking me up.

I got some Christmas decorating done last night. The mantle, front window, staircase and dining room are done. The wreath is on the door. The only part left is the Christmas tree, which will wait until Luke is home to help with the transporting and until the temperature isn't quite so nasty. I hear this cold snap isn't to last too long. Right?

Kevin and I have done a little Christmas shopping but I must confess that this year I did most of my shopping online. It comes direct to my mailbox. I'm still waiting for a few things but I have emails saying all but one of them have been shipped. It's another reason to be grateful for the internet and for access to it during this whole cancer ordeal.

Erin stopped in for a visit last night! Thanks, Erin! I have some very nice emails from angel friends who are miles away. Yet another reason to be grateful for the internet and email. I never have to feel alone.

ONE MORE SLEEP UNTIL LUKE!! I fixed the poppies on his wall. Not that Luke is a fan of having flowers on his wall but they really were a mess and the rest of his room is looking quite nice in a non-Lukish kind of way. Those wall poppies have been askew since he was here last summer and between the fan and his tossing and turning, they ended up all discombobulated on the wall and floor. I still have a large arrangement of Luke's athletic achievements on top of his shelving unit to make him feel at home in his room.

Happy Birthday, Ricky!


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