Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Too 60's?

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  1. Mons amis....I swear your hair is growing everytime you post a new pic with a new accessory ! Anywho....I see a "drunken-hairdresser" night in the very near future! The fact that you are using the "I really am an idiot" side of your brain tells me that you are feeling more like yourself ! Thank you Jesus ! I know that all who love you asked Santa for that for christmas ! I am sooooo looking forward to the New Year and getting the New-Old you back !!!! Beautiful tree by the by....

  2. Thanks, Carol. I am in relatively high spirits tonight. Maybe it's knowing Hannah will be home tomorrow. Maybe it's having been out to a really nice party hosted by lovely family and attended by a bunch of joyous people (it felt so Christmassy). Maybe it's the hydro-cortisone cream and its positive effect. Maybe it's the warmth I get from family and friends. Maybe it's the season! It's probably all of the above and more. Whatever it is, I'm feeling all over happier than I have in quite some time.

    I'll definitely be up for a drunken hairdresser session. What will I have to lose??!!

  3. Hi Heather, I was just reading your post about arthralgia. I think I had every side effect going for the drugs I have been on so I feel for you! So good at least to know what it is and that it is not permanent! I never had that but I did get very sluggish from lack of activity when going through the chemo. 5 days after each treatment I would go for a massage and it helped so much with getting the circulation going again. I would go in there feeling like death (sometimes it took every ounce of strength I had to get there) and I would come out a new woman! I am still going about once per month. Next time she is going to try to massage the radiation site to help break up some scar tissue (from the radiation burn). Hopefully that will give me some of my range of motion back. I wonder if you might find some benefit from message therapy. I can give you some ideas of what worked for me in dealing with the radiation burns as well if you happen to get that.
    PS I sent you an email to explain who I am... :)

  4. Hi Berny,

    How wonderful to hear from you. As you know, reading about your experience and knowing you're a Saskatchewan girl, has been a great comfort to me during this mess. I do like to be informed and hearing about an individual's experience tells so much more than we get from our medical professionals.

    I've been thinking about massage (I've never had one in my life) and I have decided that I'll try that route after I'm finished with treatments ... so January. I still don't have anyone in mind so if you have any suggestions for someone in Saskatoon, I'd be grateful. Thanks for telling me about how massage has been helpful for you. It's good to know and encouraging. I really think it will be helpful for my recovery after radiation is finished. Maybe it will help my nerve damage, too.

    Any suggestions you might have for dealing with radiation burns would be most welcome. I've got them now and am quite uncomfortable and I know it will get worse for a while before it starts getting better. The hydrocortisone cream, saline solution compresses and glaxol base lotion are all helping the situation but I'm open to trying anything else that could bring relief and possibly prevent my skin from breaking down.

    Again, Berny, it's great to hear from you and I wish you continued strength and success in your own battle. It's good to have a team and I hope you consider me a member of yours. You go, GIRL!!


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