Monday, July 13, 2009

Anticipating A Better Day Today

These are the tiger lilies and some hosta from our flower border in the back yard. Pretty.

Yesterday was mostly a write-off for me. I just hadn't had enough sleep the night before so I was pretty much a zombie most of the day. I made a fruit salad and had a bath. Those were my big accomplishment of the day. Woohoooo! I hate days like that. I couldn't even nap all day. Such a wasted day.

But ... yes, BUT!!! ... Things look better today. I slept much better last night. Not solid ... lots of interesting dreams and some thinking snuck in there (dreaming about a big University project Lou, our director, was cooking up ... relax colleagues - completely fictional ... and deep thoughts about unbalanced estrogen and its link to the majority of breast cancers ... wondering why women aren't being screened for estrogen/progesterone inbalances while pre-menopausal to possibly PREVENT occurrences of breast cancer ... pondering ... dreaming ... pondering ... dreaming) ... but still, I did sleep. I wish it had been longer but at 7:00 my stomach said "feed me" so I took care of that, read the paper and am now updating here. My family has all left the house and I'm home alone. Strange. I might try going back to bed since I do feel sleepy again. I'm off all of my anti-nausea meds now (unless required), so hopefully that will allow me to sleep better.

Just like my first chemo treatment at about this time, there's an increased awareness of the place in the middle of my chest where my PICC-line ends. The area is slightly raised and it looks like I have a sun-burn on my chest which, given the weather and my caution, is impossible. It doesn't hurt ... I'm just aware of it, which is annoying. The feeling should be temporary if it's like last time.

I hear we have another couple of cool days to face before things start warming up for the weekend. Still, flowers out the window are pretty, too.

And thanks so much, Helena, for the coffee beans you sent for Kevin. He needs treats sometimes, too, with all he has on his plate (mostly me and his work and all the extra stuff he's taken on). The beans are "Pike's Place" beans from Starbucks, which is cool because I was at Pike's Place in Seattle last June ... a super coastal market to visit there. I don't like coffee but I do like Pike's Place. Thanks again, wee Helena!

Shout out to Alanna who truly has far greater challenges than I right now. I hear things are going very well, all considered. Alanna, you put so much work into doing whatever you possibly can to help your family. Glad to hear things are going well. Hope. Hope. Hope.

Have a great day everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I hope you Craven-goers took Monday off work!


  1. Hey PH! Glad to hear a better day today! As you like bird pics, you'll have to visit, click on misc and have a look at our babies at the lake! Barn Swallows above the from this past weekend not up yet..hopefully tonight. Very Cool! Rest up and Take Care!

  2. A BIG hello from Alexa and Cheryl!We have been cruising the city to find the PERFECT reading glasses for Alexa.We found some and will pop over to show you to see if they look "bookish" in a snazzy jazz-dancer kind of way.Who better to ask than Auntie Heather?We pick them up late Tuesday so will give you some notice before stopping over.I echo your frustration with lack of screening for perimenopausal women.Bloodwork sometimes does not reflect the problem as estrogen can stagnate in the tissues without appearing abnormal on bloodwork.From what I have heard,having your saliva tested for hormones is the way to go.The really crazy part is that they sent my SPIT to Oregon! Now that is some pretty imrortant spit! More on that some other time....Love Chuck

  3. Hi Devy! I WILL check out the photos! I remember Ron sending me a great bird photo he took several years ago, too. It was a goodie!

  4. Hi Alexa and Cheryl! NEW GLASSES!! How exciting!! You just KNOW how I've wanted glasses for years. I mean, it's only fitting that we librarian types should have funky glasses. I even almost considered fakes but couldn't take being that much of a "poser". I just keep trusting that I'll really need them one day soon and can then get to be the funky librarian I always wanted to be. I can't wait to check out your new jazzy look, Alexa.

    And yes, Cheryl, I've also been learning a bit about spit tests and how much more accurate they are for properly testing both hormones and thyroid. Oregon? For God's sake!!

    I'll look forward to your visit! You can play hats and scarves with me. Darrel and Lynn played for a while last night, too. It's fun for everyone!


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