Monday, July 6, 2009

Regina Worth the Trip

Thanks, Don and Syl for taking me along with you to Regina. It was great to hang with the other parents and watch our boys play in the final. The Steelers (our guys) won the final against Regina and I was thrilled to see Luke get the League MVP award and a tournament all-star award. It was great to be there. I had been feeling a bit like I was missing out on lacrosse, which I love to watch, so this was great!

I'm feeling better all the time. I'd better enjoy it while I can because if all goes as planned, I'll be kicked down again by chemo on Wednesday! At least I hope so ... funny, but true!


  1. Glad that you were able to attend the final game and see Luke get the MVP & All-Start Awards. What a great day! Congrats to Luke!


  2. Sounds as if you had a fabulous weekend Heather, way more exciting than mine. What a proud mummy you must be! It was so great you were able to be there. I bet he did it just for you. Unfortunately I won't be able to come to your funky hat and scarf party tomorrow. Jim is away and the party is during our phone time, which I can't miss. I know, I know, I'm funny and old fashioned, but that's just the way it is. I did find you a lovely scarf though at a new shop at River Landing. The woman even showed me how to tie it. Now if I can only remember... The woman who owns the shop is actually a physician from Pakistan who is updating her license and running this shop on the side. She thought the hat and scarf party idea was great and sends you her best wishes. I'll drop by one day soon with the scarf and give you a tying demonstration. Here's hoping for normal liver enzymes so you can get on with your treatment!


  3. Congrats to Luke...great to hear you were able to see him play!!
    We are sending positive energy your way...take care.We appreciate the blog and are keeping up to date with your news.
    I saw the picture and you look like a hot Mama!!!!

  4. Hi Heather,

    I wrote you this fabulous email from your office today, its lovely, and I can't tell you how much appreciate you letting me borrow it...anyway, there seems to be some problem with your usask account (or mine) so it will not, no matter how nicely I speak to the computer, send. I have the IT guys on the phone figuring it out. Till then, we miss you and we are cheering!


  5. Hi all!

    Thanks for your cheery and encouraging comments! And yes, I am a very proud Mamma. More proud than HOT, Dalene, but I appreciate your sentiment all the same!

    Nora, I know you well enough to perfectly understand the importance of your "phone time". Knowing you, it makes perfect sense to me! I'll look forward to your visit and your lesson because we all know I'm totally useless with all things "hairy" and "scarfy".

    Hi Norma! I'm so glad you're able to use and enjoy my office. No use letting that wonderful window go to waste! I'm glad you mentioned the "mail problem" because I've been just fiddling with things trying to get it figured out and am at the point where I know I'll have to contact the Help Desk. It's good to know you're already on it. Between us, we should be able to get this sorted out tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone! I love hearing from you. It makes me still feel connected to my REAL world.

  6. Hi Heather,Alexa and I are looking forward to tomorrow.Remember always the GYPSY creed.YOU CAN MAKE A PARTY OUT OF ANYTHING!Way to go Luke.What could possibly be better than pancakes with Hannah and cheering Luke on in the stands?I`ll tell you what.You beating this,Heather and banishing it for good!With your outlook you will win!Love Chuck

  7. Hey Heather...congrats to your talented son on the lacrosse successes. How proud you must be!! So great that you could be there to see it. Here's hoping your liver enzymes settle down so you can have that chemo you have been dreaming about.....hope it all goes well and we see you soon!! Gail W

  8. Dreaming about chemo ... hmmmmm ... strange but true, Gail! Thanks for putting that in perspective for me! Yes, I DO hope those live enzymes are all straightened out! And yes, very proud of my boy.

    Cheryl and Alexa! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Might as well party while I'm feeling human!


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