Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday FunDay?

I'm still sleepy this morning but couldn't get back to sleep.  It looks like a nice day and I can see dew shimmering on the foliage outside. 

This morning I can feel that "constricting pain" around my ribs and again, I'm very "aware" of the PICC-line in my chest. It aches a bit.  I seem to remember some of this rib-pain from the first round of chemo.  Chemo.  Odd stuff.  It's still in there working away.  I guess that's a good thing.  Feeling shitty and getting various discomforts must mean it's doing something, at least.  I hope it's doing it's best to target cancer cells instead of just my good ones, though.

Yesterday was a nice day. I could celebrate my last neupogen needle for this go around.  Nurse Cratchet (Syl) was by to deliver it while she was buzzing back and forth between all of her other busy duties.  It didn't even hurt at all this time, though I can't complain about the other ones either. Sylvia has a gentle touch and a "patient first philosophy", that's for sure.

Kevin got some yard work done and even I pulled a few weeds.  It felt good to dig in the dirt a bit.  We gave up on the Rider game and went for an excursion. We took a drive out to the strawberry-picking place and bought some Saskatoon berries and then got groceries.  It's so pretty out there.  We treated ourselves to ice cream.  A big day!

It was nice to catch up with Jim and Brenda as they were on their way to Taste of Saskatchewan.  These are the things I love most about summer ... seeing our neighbours out and about ... catching up ... getting together for impromptu deck visits, etc.  I love summer and all that comes with it ... except for mosquitoes and weeds.  I haven't really seen any mosquitoes yet but the weeds are more than abundant.

Kevin cooked up a great steak on the barbie last night.  It and a couple of salads made for a nice meal to enjoy on the deck ... just the two of us.  Very nice. I was pretty much wiped after that, not having had my afternoon nap. 

Luke was busy all day yesterday coaching at the lacrosse tournament and he's off to coach again this morning.  He's wearing sunscreen this time.  Lesson learned, I hope.

We chatted with Hannah, who is having a blast with her friends at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.  She's there with a bunch of friends and she's the only one who has never been to a big music festival before.  I'm sure she's soaking it up.

So today ... today still has the promise of being a good day mentally and physically.  I hope it holds true.
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  1. Hey Heather....It just occurred to me that the constricting chest pain that you are talking about is probably related to the shingles. That is one thing that I did experience when I had them was sort of a tight pain around one side of my chest and radiating around to the back on that same side--but only seemed to affect one side. Might be what is happening to you....or may just be the chemo......hope the pain lets up and you get all back to normal soon.......
    Gail the holidayer

  2. Thanks for sharing that possibility with me, Gail. That might be it. I understand that shingles can also cause fatigue. So does chemo. Nothing like a double-whammy of fatigue.

    Stop computering, girl, and get out there and enjoy your vacation already! I hope you and the fam are having a great time!


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