Friday, July 10, 2009

Neupogen Injection Done ... All's Well!

All worked out with Home Care eventually. They had misplaced my file and so I wasn't on their schedule today. Good thing I was persistent. I got a call at noon saying a nurse would be here in 15 minutes. Kevin (Nurse Ratchet) and Sylvia (Nurse Cratchet) were both able to get here in time to go through the procedure with the home care nurse so everyone would be on the same page as to how these needles are to be given.

I let Kevin and Sylvia handle all the details. I just averted my eyes, paced for a while, then laid down and exposed my ass for the injection. Sylvia had gotten some of that emla numbing stuff (just call me numb-butt, not to be confused with dumb-ass) that Anne had suggested (thank, Anne and Syl) and even though there wasn't enough time for it to work completely this time, maybe it did help for the short time it was on. We'll be able to better coordinate the emla applications for the next injections. YEAH!

So ... I had my needle and NO TEARS!! And now that Syl and Kev know the procedure, I'm glad that Sylvia is willing and able (and infact HAPPY) to be able to give my next neupogen injections (to help my white blood cells rebound more quickly). I think she likes giving needs (she is a nurse, after all) ... and not just to me, I must add. She says she's glad to feel useful though she's been entirely helpful throughout this whole process. Even though I know Kevin is quite capable of giving me injections and I trust him to do it, I would rather he not unless we're in a pinch (another yucky word) just in case he gives me one that hurts and then I might associate him with that. I don't want that. And thanks to Chris, who has offered to step in and happily inject me if Sylvia is unavailable. I've taken your offer to heart, Chris, and I will call if I need your steady hand and bedside manner. The rest of you, I won't be calling. You can just cheer from the sidelines when it comes to needles, okay? Okay!! I'll bet you're glad the pressure is off ... then again, maybe you have secretly been wanting to poke me with a needle for years! Hmmmm ...

Mom and I just went for a walk after lunch and picked up some fruit and sundries from the store on Broadway. It was nice to get out for a walk in the sunshine. An elderly man in the store was completely smitten with my hat! I suggested I could trade for his red ball cap, but he didn't take me up on the offer, though Mom later heard him mumbling to himself that he should have traded. Truthfully, I wouldn't have given up this hat. It's the one from Auntie Anne. It's an olive green straw hat with a yellow flower and a scarf and it matches my olive green bermuda shorts. I felt pretty spiffy in it! Thanks, Auntie Anne! I love it!

Why describe it when I can show a photo? This is my first attempt at a self-photo. For what it's worth, here's me in my hat.

I hope you are all having a great day!


  1. You are just toooo cute!! Have a great weekend :) Pat

  2. Hey Girl....Glad to hear that you got the needle issue all sorted out. Also very glad to hear that the liver behaved and they shot you up with the chemo cocktail. You seem to be tolerating it well according to your info and that is great news too!! Love the straw is very summery!! Have a great weekend and hopefully those white cells bounce back up with the help of that shot in the bum !! Not sure whether I would let my hubby give me a needle, but way to go Kevin!! Good job!!!
    Gail W

  3. Heather, you are so brave. Å giant needle in the butt and no tears! The last time I got a needle in the butt I had put a nail through my foot and was in agony at both ends with the nail and the tetanus shot, which hit an artery and gave me a panic attack because of the adrenalin. Good idea not to have Kevin be the poker. You might never forgive him, given your phobia. Celeberated Michael's birthday tonight with the kids and their partners. Way too much wine was consumed; I am tripping over my fingers! Meant to call today but had a deadline with exhibit materials. Bet you're glad to be out of this loop! Figured you were preoccupied with needles anyway and being poked in the bum. Better than the belly, like the last ones. Somehow chemo seems enough without all this other peripheral stuff. They never mention this. I hope you're taking notes and planning to write the new chemo guide. I'm still puzzling over the boa constrictor side effect. I'll be your editor and layout person. We could make a significant splash, especially if illustrated by your new collection of very hot hats and scarves. Call you Saturday; guess it's Saturday already, 1 am. Call you at a decent hour tomorrow!

  4. Good morning, Nora! I love your wine-infused missives at 1:00 am, NO LESS!! You WILD WOMAN!

    I love your book plan! Maybe we'll have to do that one day.

    By the way, funny you should mention it but yesterday I just fired a reply off to Norma saying I was sorry to feel a unable to help with the exhibit deadlines that she and you are now facing alone! I can only imagine!! YIKES!! I told her I was feeling "out of the loop". Don't be afraid to send me things to look at. On good days, I'm ready to look at work emails. I'd rather do that than have needles in my butt and belly ANY DAY!

    Get some sleep already, Nora!! I'll look forward to hearing from you when you're up and feeling human!

  5. Hi Gail! I imagine YOUR hubby giving you a needle in the bum while wearing his dress pants, no shirt, a red satin cumberbund, a black bowtie and a hairy chest!! Maybe I should get him to come over here and give me mine!

    That's a funny visual, isn't it?! Ahhhh ... splurge parties at Gail's. Always a better adventure than chemo adventures!


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