Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bloodwork Day - Good to Go for Tomorrow

This is a close-up of our blooming foxglove from the rainy day. Pretty. Note that it's hairier than me!

I've been for my bloodwork this morning and all is a go for my chemo treatment tomorrow. My oncologist finds my liver enzyme reports puzzling - he's not sure why they were normal one week after chemo, high two weeks after chemo and then almost in the normal ranges again this time. He thinks I must have a very sensitive liver, though how would one ever know that? I don't think I've ever had my liver tested at any time in my life. I don't think they run any tests during physicals, do they? I worry a little for my poor liver now. I've never given it a moment's thought in the past.

My oncologist recommends we follow the same course of treatment as last time --- reduced "E" by 25% followed by neupogen injections (to help white blood cell counts). They were happy to hear I hadn't suffered any bone pain from the neupogen. I guess many people experience horrible bone pain grief. I'll count myself lucky in that regard and hope I continue to be so lucky. Otherwise, Nurse Cratchet will feel awful injecting me. Can't have that.

As much as I'm glad we're able to go ahead with chemo, I really dread the appointment. Kevin and I will work at making me more comfortable than last time. We'll bring a pillow this time, MORE blankets, MORE warm clothes ... my new wrap from my awful law firm friends (it's just the law firm that's awful ... my friends from there are aweSOME!). It will be good to get it over with in the morning. We should be home noonish where I will crash on the couch and, hopefully, sleep.

Time to stop thinking about it. How about the Bachelorette finale last night??!! She picked Ed!! Shocking return of Reid, though. You gotta give the guy credit for trying. I think Jillian handled herself as respectfully as anyone could during the course of the show, given the circumstances, and she did Canada proud. These are the guilty pleasures I distract myself with. Now that it's done, I still have "So You Think You Can Dance". It's almost done, too. Then what?? Any suggestions?



  1. I love your photo's. Keep sending them. I read your blog twice a day. I enjoy hearing about how you are doing, that stomach thing you had on the weekend sounded awful, but it sounds like you are over it. Good luck tomorrow. I hate chemo day too because I don't hear from you until late in the day, but don't worry about me I'll be fine, Ha Ha. Love Lori(one of you Support Hoes).

  2. Hi Heather,
    You must have quite the garden. I know I've been there, but I guess just not at the right time, or not noticing all the wonderful flowers.
    Hope things go well tomorrow and all your blankets and comfort things help it feel better.

  3. Hi Heather,We are rooting for you over here!In answer to your LIVER question,the tests done in a physical would not pick up a benign condition .You have to do a major 24 hour fast(not fun) in order for the enzymes to be measured.Mine skyrocket after the test,while non-challenged liver people just elevate a bit.Your liver is a mighty clever little critter,and is just riding the big chemo wave with you.So you might have always had a sensitive liver -but it just makes you more popular `cause then you are a "cheap date".That`s what R.J. calls me.Romantic huh???? Love Chuck

  4. Hi Ho Lori! (tee hee) I love having support ho's! Thanks for the well-wishes. I'll be glad when tomorrow is over!

  5. Hi Laurel! Pop by and see my bubble garden any old time! It looks better flower by flower than it does all together. I make a point of NOT taking photos of the weeds. Thanks for cheering me on for tomorrow. My goal is to be WARM!

  6. Thanks, Cheryl, for knowing a lot more about livers than I do! The information you pass on to me is comforting. I've never had to worry about my liver before ... just yours! We've always joked about my being a cheap date (non-exotic palate, don't drink much), too, but now I'm an especially cheap date! It's not very princessy of us, is it? I hope you had a great holiday!


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