Thursday, July 23, 2009

To My Mates at the Awful Lawless Firm

Hi pals! I told you I would post a photo of what I got with the gift certificate you gave me at the hat/scarf party.

This is a cotton knit wrap. See those big buttons? There are three of them. There's a button hole on the other side of the wrap, so it can be secured. It feels so nice and stays on so nicely. What I find is that I'm often needing something warmed than my lighter pashminas wrapped around my shoulders. There are a lot of long-sleeved things I don't wear because of the discomfort of the all the bulge of junk around my PICC-line on my arm, so something like this is cozy warm and covers my arms where the PICC-line is without disturbing it. Even though it's summer, there are a lot of afternoons where I'm curled up on the couch with a big feather duvet ... but this around my shoulders at the same time will be so nice. It's perfect and I love it and I thank you all very much. They had them in lots of colours and it took me very much deliberating before I finally settled on the "natural" look.

I also bought a pair of green blingy earrings. Most of my earring collection is quite understated but now that I have either no hair, just a hat or a wig, I find my new look is just SCREAMING for bold earrings. So, thanks for them, too.



  1. It is so nice! I am glad that it will bring you some warmth and comfort!

    You can think of all the great Pals from the Lawless firm! lol! That is so funny! (you crack me up) But your right the people are the truly the best and I too miss them still!


  2. I love the knit wrap. It is beautiful and looks fabulous on you. So glad you found something!

    I too miss the old gang from the awful law firm.


  3. Hi Lesley and Rhonda! Thanks for popping by! I'm going to be so glad to have my new, warm wrap at my chemo treatment tomorrow. It is so warm and will be great to have on the hairless back of my neck and around my arm that has to be exposed for them to access my PICC-line. I'll let you know how it worked out for me.


  4. Heather, you look absolutely fantastic in your new wrap! I KNOW it will keep you warm today and we'll all be thinking of you.

    By the way, the pictures of your flowers are amazing - add a "green thumb" to your extensive list of credentials!!



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