Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chemo Ain't For Pansies!

Actually, today's dreaded chemo treatment wasn't as bad as previous ones.  I was warm enough this time.  I wore socks (thanks, Cheryl) and my heavy, cotton wrap (thanks, awful law firm pals), my soft, black hat that can cover my ears (thanks, Karen), had my own fluffy, down pillow and a down comforter.  That all made a big difference. Plus, the drugs made me so drowsy, I mostly slept the time away.

Now we're home and I'm about to have a little bit to eat and then I'm hitting the couch because sleep is beckoning.

It sure helps to feel surrounded and buoyed by all the support coming through the cosmos from my team. Thanks, everyone. 
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  1. You're half done! Glad things went so much better this morning. Dealing with the anticipation of things is often more difficult than the reality, at least in my case. And your body is probably adjusting. Amazing what it can get used to. We are working like crazy here to get the first exhibit module to the printer on Friday. So many last minute details before it gets etched in stone.

    I love the flowers you post on your blog, so bright and cheery. It's clear your garden is your haven at the moment. I also love the notion of you heading out to the deck in your jammies. I do that too, but nobody can see me so it's not really that daring I suppose. Jim thinks I'm crazy, but then he's English. They're a very modest race.

    I have a friend who was sunning herself in her underwear on an upstairs balcony, where she thought no one could see her. She later discovered one of her neighbours could see her out an attic window. He apparently reported to his wife, X is tanning in her underwear. The wife asked, what kind of underwear? Sensible, he replied. When they related this exchange to my friend, what upset her was not that she had been seen, but that she had been caught wearing sensible underwear. It's become a neighbourhood joke. Hope your jammies are not too sensible!

  2. Hey Heather..glad to hear it wasn't so bad. Explain for me please why you get so it the meds or the actual room..or both? Sleep well!

  3. Hi Heather,We are all thinking of you over here and are so glad you are now heading into the last half off this ordeal!How truly"Heather"of you to brighten OUR day with the photo of the pansies.You are so tough just like those pansies that laugh their little faces off at the late spring sudden frost.A big shout out to my big brother.I know how LUCKY you are to have him in your corner.Love Chuck, Rick,Mikael and Alexa

  4. Hi Nora!

    You DO make me laugh ... LOTS! Thanks for that! That's a hilarious story about your neighbour. I'll bet she went right out after that and bought some pretty underthings and never turned back.

    I have various pajama-like configurations ... some uninterestingly sensible and some perhaps a little more "luxurious". Either way, I don't hesitate to throw on one of my many interesting hats (I try to switch it up every day before repeating) and head out in full view of my neighbours who often chat with me if they're around. I like to sit out there on a nice morning and read the paper, have my breakfast, survey the garden, do some dead-heading and pluck a weed here and there. You're right, it is my little haven right now. It's part of the bubble I'm trying to keep myself in. I'm SOOO glad I'm not going through this in winter. That would have been so much harder, not to mention depressing. You would have seen lots of photos of snow on my blog. Oh joy!

    The two little girls next door are around for the summer of course, and they're often playing in their back yard. The fence between us is low and wire so it's very open but we've always had such good neighbours there so we've never wanted to put up a tall, enclosing fence on that side. I love watching the girls play and, I think, they love performing for me, too. They're 2 and 8 and very charming. They don't seem to care what I wear, though Ava (2 years old) always comments on my "hair", dresses and jewelery. She's cute as a button! Their two dogs keep me amused, too.

    I'm so glad to hear that the exhibit project is moving along and that you're feeling good about it, though pressed for time ... as usual! From what I've seen so far, it looks great and I can see that it's going to come together fantastically, thanks to the group's hard work and vision. Good on you all! I'm sure Roger will be relieve when he gets back from his much-needed vacation, too!

  5. Hi Anon, whoever you are! Thanks for popping in! About the cold in the chemo-room! Well, it's coolish in the first place. Even the nurses shiver and complain about it. I understand that they like to keep the temp cooler in hospitals to further discourage germs. On top of that, I have to chew ice for about 20 minutes during the injection of the "F" drug in an effort to prevent future mouth sores. Also, I can sometimes feel the chill from the refrigerated drugs that are being injected. Yesterday I was able to stay warm all over but even then, my face got quite cold and I had to keep pulling my hat down to cover my ears because they were getting very chilled, too. I needed that wrap tight around my neck. Kevin thinks I should wear a balaclava next time! Wouldn't they love that at the Champion Centre?!

    As for sleeping well ... some other night I hope!

  6. Thanks to you and your fam for cheering us on, Cheryl! Give Mikael a nudge for me. I'm waiting to hear about his t-shirt selection. Love, Heather


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