Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Dog for the Actons?

Kevin and I have been toying with the idea of getting a dog. We're dog people who just happened to have ended up with cats instead. Now that both cats are gone (RIP Olivia and Tito - I miss them both), we are open to the possibility of getting a dog.
Australian Cattle Dog
We had Kooma, a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog, like the one pictured above), for 8 years when we were first together and she was a super pet. Man, I loved that dog. She was such a spectacular frisbee catcher and such a good dog-nanny for Hannah and Luke when they were wee. Very mothering.
Spanish Water Dog
Now we're thinking about breeds we might want to consider. While I would be open to getting another Blue Heeler, I'm also enchanted with the Spanish Water Dog (as pictured above - click on any of the photos to read about the breeds, if you care to). It's not the "Obama Dog", theirs being a Portuguese Water Dog, but they're very similar. Trouble is, they aren't readily available here.
Bearded Collie
Kevin is also fond of the Bearded Collie (as pictured above). Our friends, Dwayne and Shelley, have one that Kevin adores. Kevin also likes Chocolate or Silver Labs (a black lab is pictured below) and those are easier to come by. I'm open to either of these possibilities. I'm glad Kevin and I have similar doggie interests.
Labrador Retriever
Any suggestions? Anyone know where we could get a Spanish Water Dog? I think there is only one registered breeder in Canada and that's in Atlantic Canada and there aren't very many in the States either. Hmmmm ... they are soooooo cute, aren't they?

Then again ... do we really want to dive into all that comes with having a dog? Do we? Do we really???!!


  1. I am so thrilled this round is going better for you. A new dog, thats exciting! I'm partial to goldens having had two now. But I've seen alot of Ducktoll (sp) retreivers in the park here and they are a bit smaller, well behaved and quite attractive. I could be wrong but I think they might originate from the Maritimes. My daughter saw that episode of So you think you can dance and it brought her to tears. Maybe the'll replay it tonight on the results show. Love all your pictures by the way. Take care.

  2. I think that you should get a miniature dachshund and call him Patrick and I will come over and take him for walks whenever you want, bceause I can't have a dog in my little condo.

    But you have to make him wear a green bandana. Deal?

    I think it's a great deal.

    -Kayla G.

  3. Hi Anne! I've never heard of a Duck Tolling Retriever so I looked it up. They are a nice looking dog.

    Check out MuchMusic for repeats. I'll bet you can also watch it on the website or youtube.

    Thanks for popping by and cheering me on. I plan on enjoying the these days before Wednesday when I get knocked back down again.

  4. Hi Kayla! Kevin and I were just laughing over your idea. Not laughing in a bad way ... you're so funny, we're tempted to do exactly as you suggest! Patrick. Check. Mini-Dachshund. Check. Green bandanna. Check.

    Thanks for stopping by, Kayla!

  5. Hey Heather! I've been thinking of you lots. Just came across some blogs that reminded me of you and your great bike.

    Good luck with the dog idea!
    Joan (from book club!)

  6. Hi Joan! How nice to find you here! Thanks for stopping by.

    I'm so enjoying checking out the bike blogs you found. In fact, I've subscribed to their RSS feeds so I can follow them regularly. Thanks for that. Of course, this begs the question ... "what is Joan doing checking out girly cycling blogs"? Did you get a new bike, too, Joan? Or are you thinking of getting one?

    I know I don't need to tell you how much I love my bike and I do highly recommend a pretty cruising bike. Mine is parked for this summer because I can't risk a possible wipe-out. But next year I look forward to biking all summer again.

    Thanks again, Joan. Loving these links!

  7. Hi again Heather,
    What a coincidence!! The first I had heard of duck tolling retreivers was here - from Anne's comments. And wouldn't you know it. . .I found a litter of duck tolling retrievers on Kijiji (from LaRonge). You may want to check them out. They do look very interesting.

  8. Mons Amis,
    OF COURSE you need a doggie ! Milo has been an unbelievable and overwhelming joy in our lives for almost 10 years now and we don't know what life would be like without him (don't want to even think about that)...he makes us laugh out loud at least once a day ! As I mentioned to you in my phone message today...if you are worried at all about tics...a "lighter" colored dog makes them easier to see ! Just ask Milo...we pulled at least a dozen tics off him whilst laking and camping ! Of course, we are huge fans of the "lab family" so I'd love to see you guys get one of them ! Ta ra for now...
    Love, Martha

  9. Heather, A dog is so exciting. I can't offer to much advice on any of these particular breeds. I have never had any of those, just our St. Bernard (lots of drool) and our little Doogie (Terrier/Poodle cross). Both of these guys are in Doggy heaven too!
    Two weeks ago we purchased the girls a new puppy. He has been so much fun to get to know. He is a Pure Bred Chiahua, and is now 12 weeks old. So much fun!
    Enjoy your new addition once he/she arrives!
    We have just returned from two weeks at the lake, it was absolutely lovely to be away. Now back to the grind this week and another week of vacation next week.
    Just catching up on the blog! I love reading it, and particularly all about your GOOD days. You are such a fighter on the bad days and I too wish that anyone of us on your team could just take a little bit of the bad away and make it that much better for you.
    Super Glad to hear that you had a Shopping trip to the Hat store, can't wait to see the purchase!
    Take Care of yourself and I look forward to a visit again soon!


  10. Well, we've given up on the Spanish Water Dog idea, though they are deadly cute and are supposed to be very good family dogs. We found a breeder with an available pup but it turns out they are a "rare breed" (translates to SUPER-DOOPER EXPENSIVE!). A little rich for us. We are now exploring the possibility of a bearded collie ... like Dwayne and Shelley's. Maybe a brown and white one if we can find such a thing. Kevin's on it!

    Lesley, I can't believe you got another dog! And a little Chiahua at that! Do we call those "dogs"? (just kidding!) What did you name it? Or did the girls get that honour?

    Thanks for offering to share my aches and pains. Just knowing you are all here helping to get me through this is plenty, believe me! I would be struggling a lot more if not for my great team!


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