Friday, July 3, 2009

Lots of Little Things

I'm feeling pretty good today. No chemo has that effect on me, I think. As disappointing as the delay is, it is nice to feel good and not to have to worry about all the little side-effects for a change. I'm still trying to drink as much water as possible, though, hoping it will be good for my liver enzyme counts. I also tried hot water with lemon this morning.

Jack is still stranded in Saskatoon, though he's planning to get a ride out of Rosetown this afternoon with Lynn, in time to get a courtesy car there while his van's engine is being fixed or replaced. He planned on working this weekend so he's trying to get back to Calgary. It's been nice having him visit, though. He's a handy guy to have around and it's just nice to have family near. Kevin bought a firepit thingie last night so we had a little fire on the deck, which was a real treat. I made sure I took my wig off, though, because I'm told that even a little bit of heat (such as taking something out of the oven or standing near a barbeque) can make the synthetic fibres fizzle into nothing.

Last night Auria and Tarah came by for a visit. It's nice to see them both looking so good and doing great.

Elaine came by this morning for a visit on her way back to Elrose from their mini-vacation at Waskesiu. She announced a 9th grandchild on the way! AMAZING! How nice to see Elaine!

Sandra and Katelyn brought themselves and a beautiful picnic lunch today! It was so nice and very yummy. They even brought wine, which I can't have. Sandra did catch me trying to drink hers, though. Old habits. Thanks, you two!

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