Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Beautiful, sunny day! AT LAST!!

I wish I'd been able to get up earlier to enjoy the morning but I didn't sleep much last night. In fact, I don't think I got to sleep until 6:30 this morning and then got up just before 10:00 so I could have pills with breakfast. I don't feel very sleepy, though ... a slight fatigue headache. Hopefully, it will be a "nappy day", though I HATE to nap, especially on a beautiful day.

I don't know why I couldn't sleep. Maybe it's the medications. I wasn't so uncomfortable and I was certainly tired. Rats!!

The best part about yesterday (and it was a real treat) was that Nora stopped by for a real visit! It was so nice to see her! I'm used to seeing Nora at work all the time and she's such good company so I really do miss her and everyone else at work. They're just the best bunch of people to work with. Nora brought me a gorgeous rich green silk scarf and, best of all, she showed me how to wrap and twist it into something really very quite attractive to cover my bald head! I needed the lesson. Thanks, Nora! We also had a good laugh at some of the funny hats I have! Believe me, there WILL be photos! One in particular is toooooo funny on me not to share the laughs! You'll see!

Kevin is golfing this morning. Mom and Gary were here for a wedding last night and are going home today. A good day for them to get down to the lake. Jodi and the kids (Meghan and Dawson) are there waiting for Mom. Luke will be sleeping for a while after his late night last night.

Time to call Nurse Sylvia and schedule today's Neupogen injection. I'm feeling tres brave! I guess it helps that in Sylvia I trust.

Have a super day, everyone!


  1. Hi Heather
    Isn't fantastic to see the sun! I having been wanting to get out the check the strawberry patch. After Dave came home from his visit with you and your stories of your strawberry patch. Ours was very sad looking. Today, I picked numerous strawberries. To bad Dave is up north and can't share with me the numerous strawberries (really only a few). I shall make a spinach and strawberry salad with them. YUMMY!
    Enjoy the sun.

  2. Hi Deb! Good to hear from you. I picked two ripe strawberries from my patch today, too! Yummm ... they're in a fruit salad I made ... BOTH OF THEM!


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