Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heavenly Day!!

What a lot of adventures I've had today! After I got myself fed, cleaned up and dressed ...

Carol phoned this morning from the lake. She, Ross and Milo are having a great time there on the waterfront.

Sylvia came by and gave my neupogen injection. While this might not be something I say, "oh, goodie!" about, I am glad that Sylvia is willing and able to come here to do that for me. I know she goes to extra trouble to make sure it's as painless as possible for me and I certainly can't complain. Thanks, Syl! Only one more to go this chemo round.

I felt so good today that I was able to do several household chores I'd been ignoring. It felt good to get some of those things done.

Cris, who is visiting here from Ontario and who is a work colleague came by at 1:00 to go over some work-related data. It was great to see her ... great to be able to do something constructive for work and great to eat poppyseed square from Traegers (her treat) with her on the deck while we worked.

Then ... BIG HIGHLIGHT! Erin phoned and offered to take me for a spin in her super-cute BMW convertible! Could there be a better day for it? She picked me up, we cranked the music and had a great chat while we cruised some riverbank streets. We looked so hot. I swear all that honking was just to get our attention! It was HEAVENLY!!

When I got home, there on the sidewalk beside our house was a HAT RACK!! Sylvia had tracked down a very nice oak hatrack to house all my hats and scarves. It's perfect!! Thanks, Don and Syl.

Auntie Eileen and Uncle Bill were in town today, too, and they dropped off some very nice turbans that Auntie Eileen made. I haven't tried them on yet, but I can tell they're just the thing for napping ... when a wig is annoying, hats are too cumbersome and baldness is too chilly. Thanks, Auntie Eileen!

I spent some time visiting my neighbours over our "friendly fence". Nicole, Ava, Hannah and Grandma Fran. And Daisy and Oscar, their dogs, of course. Daisy needed a little neighbour attention. It was so nice to be able to be out chatting with neighbours. Just feeling normal. Normal. Normal. Normal. Yesssss.

I almost feel guilty for feeling so good and for being so spoiled lately! And the day isn't even done yet!! I'm too pumped to even be tired ... yet!

Soon Kevin and Luke will be home. They'll be glad to see me looking and feeling good. They'll be even more glad if I can put a meal together. We'll see what I can do ...


  1. Wow Heather,your day sounds positively FANTASTIC !It was great to see you and Kev yesterday. It really was healthy for the kids to be with you and see in person how strong your spirits are.Alexa and Mikael were totally pumped to have graced the blog today.Your description of the convertible ride gave me images of Grace Kelly or another movie star.I`ll bet you were sporting glamorous shades as well!Glad you could enjoy this amazing summer day!Love Chuck

  2. Heather- so glad to hear you are having a wonderful day! Thanks for keeping this blog- we miss you and your beautiful bike at the Dief! Thinking of you! :)

  3. Hi Cheryl! You bet we had glam shades. It was a wonderful day today and pretty good afternoon yesterday day, too! I'm glad it worked out that you could stop by with the kids on a good day. If I have another great day tomorrow - BONUS! If not, well at least I had today. One day at a time. Now to bed.

  4. Hi Leah! How wonderful of you to drop me a note. I miss all of you there, too, and I really miss riding my bike! I haven't even had the heart to look at it in the garage. It will only make me sad. Next year, though, my bike and I will be back in business! I hope to see you soon if I I'm up for a work visit.


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