Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Chemo For Me!

You read that right. No chemo for me. Not this week anyway.

We went to the Champion Centre this morning prepared for chemo treatment #2 but it's not to be. I had to be there extra early this morning for blood work again but my liver enzymes are still too high, though they've come down a bit.

With no history of liver problems and normal liver readings pre-chemo, my oncologist is speculating that I'm having an uncommon response to the chemotherapy. It's too early to tell if they'll have to change me to different chemo drugs so we'll just give me another week and then retest my blood. That means a week's vacation from chemo. I might as well enjoy the chemo-free time while I can, I guess.

I'll start with laundry.


  1. Hey Heather....sounds like you have a week off to enjoy the nice weather. Hope all is well with the liver and the enzyme levels come down. Once they get things all sorted out you will be good to go I am sure. Take care until then....don't worry the docs know what they are doing!!! Splurge Pal Gail W

  2. Thanks, Splurge Pal Gail! Thanks for the confidence in the system and in my body! I am a little disconcerted about the "liver thing" and am just hoping things are better next week so I can go ahead with chemo. You're in the system, so I'll trust that you know what you're talking about. Thanks for that!

  3. just dropping by to say hi and thanks for the reminder that laundry can be a good thing if you put it in the right context. i love your energy.


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