Friday, July 17, 2009

Shingles ...

... not the ones that blow off our garage and litter our yard on a windy day.

More adventures in Chemo-land. I have shingles. Apparently this is not uncommon for people undergoing chemotherapy, which suppresses the immune system. It's another kick in the backside, in my world. So now I'm on drugs for that, too.

I don't feel nearly so super-dooper as I did yesterday but I don't feel horrible either. I have an ache in my lower left sacroiliac but that might be because of the shingles. I might take some tylenol if it persists, now that I know my liver enzymes have recovered. I noticed the pain during the night last night and it's not getting any better this morning now that I'm moving around a bit. Rats.

I think I'll have a quiet day today. Quiet. Not depressed. NOT depressed.

Anyway ... yesterday was pure joy!! Ahhhhh ...


  1. What next? You are taking so much of this in stride, or at least it seems to be so, with reading your blog. I'm just catching up on your blog, as we were in Calgary for the 10 days of Stampede. Awesome pictures of your hat and scarf party. Sorry to have missed it!! Looks like you are fielding an awesome team.

    Will give you a call one of these nights and actually have a visit with you!!

    Love Cindy

  2. Jeez Heather, shingles!! How horrible. You must wonder what new unpleasant surprises await you each day. I'm so sorry you've got this additional irritation. Sounds as if sleep is what you need; could be you overdid it yesterday, though it sounds as if it was a wonderful day. Have to take them when they come! Glad the bloodwork came out well and those old liver enzymes are behaving.

    I love your hat rack! You are amassing quite the collection of hats, scarves, and head cozies. Bet once this is over you'll never want to see them again, however nice they are.

    Back to work. Norma will have told you that we got our first full-size proofs for the exhibit. The files are too big for me to send via e-mail, but Teresa is going to scan some to send me for proofing next week when I'm away so I'll send them on to you to keep you in the loop. They are absolutely gorgeous! She's doing such a great job and us four women have developed quite the giggling girly relationship that makes working together a lot of fun. It eases the stress of the deadlines. I wish you were here to enjoy the laughs. When I'm back I'll bring you one of the full-size mock-ups for you to see.

    Snooze on, sleepy head!

  3. Shingles....bummer....I have had them twice being the lucky person that I am....and I have survived as will you. Just another little hill to climb and then coast on the downhill.....Gail your holidaying pal


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