Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Day is Lookin' Good!

It's a beautiful looking morning out there, folks! And I'm happy to report that I'm feeling quite good. I sleep well at night now that I'm off medications and that can only be a good thing. My horrible aches haven't returned. Any little aches are very minor and some I don't notice at all unless I nudge or bump myself. No biggie. I'm going to anticipate a good day today.
I had my afternoon nap yesterday, like I said I would. A solid 1.5 hours of sleep and I felt much better for it.
Shortly after I had a very nice visit from Cheryl, Mikael and Alexa! Alexa had just picked up her new glasses, which look very jazzy snazzy, I think. They are "teal and copper (not brown)". I'm jealous. I also saw McLovin's braces, which are, coincidentally, teal coloured as well. He and Alexa match! Do you see what Alexa is holding? This is "Tiger Lily" (she chose the name and, amazingly, it's the same name as my bicycle!). Alexa designed and hand sewed it ALL BY HERSELF FOR ME!! Being a hand-craft enthusiast, I am especially impressed. She even sewed a little, pink "breast cancer ribbon" on it! I've been missing having a critter around here to keep me company when the going gets tough. Thanks so much, Alexa. I'm very touched and tickled!
After dinner, Darrel and Josh came by! I hadn't seen Josh for quite some time and it was super to see him, too. He has lots of tales to tell, having recently spent a month in South Africa where his girlfriend's family lives. He showed us some amazing photos. Makes me want to go there, too.
I must thank Laurel for dropping off such a bountiful tray of chopped fruit! Delicious and exactly what I crave most. She also left us a handy reheatable meal. If Kevin had had time he would have run down to your place and hugged you himself, Laurel. Being chief cook and bottle washer wasn't in it his initial plans this year and while he does very good, we're all very grateful for the occasional reprieve.
Since I'm feeling so good this morning, I'm going to make some plans today that include food prep as a treat for Kevin and Luke. And some floor washing. Does that sound like drudgery? Not to me! To me that sounds NORMAL. Normal sounds like heaven to me.



  1. Hey Heather! Glad to hear you're feeling muchly improved. It certainly is a beautiful morning! Enjoy your day!

  2. Thanks, Devy! I just had my oatmeal with bananas and fresh blueberries (thanks for those, Syl!) and it was delicious. Time to get cleaned up and dressed so that I really can get some things done. Strike while the iron's hot, right?!


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