Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mad Chore Day

Today, if all the stars align, will be my last good day for a while. Tomorrow I hope to get my 2nd chemo treatment. That means I have to make hay today while it's raining. That means I'll be cleaning bathrooms, refreshing all the bedding, cleaning the fridge, washing floors, dusting, tidying. I won't feel like doing those things for a while so today is the day!

Time to put on a fancy dress and get cleaning! I used to wear my old brides maid dresses for serious cleaning projects (it helps to feel like Cinderella) but I've long outgrown those. Sadly.


  1.'re weird??! I recommend some super good cleaning music...Aretha comes to mind..something to keep you moving! Good Luck for tomorrow!

  2. You go Heather!!! You might want to try a cowboy straw hat since you can't wear your dresses. Someone very wise told me that I could wear a straw hat doing dishes or whatever...Good advice Heather. I was touched to see you at the game on Sunday, what a nice surprise for us. Good luck tomorrow!!

  3. When you are done cleaning your house wanna come clean seem to have way more energy than I do.....and all I have is a headcold!! Hope the hat/scarf party went well...I owe you one item of headgear--will have time to search for a good one!!I will have it for you at the next splurge for sure!! Again I apologize for not making it!! Good luck tomorrow at the Champion will go fine I am sure!!
    Take care!!!!!!!! Gail

  4. I thought of you today as I walked by Bryan's and they had all their long, beautiful, blingy gowns on sale .... I was thinking maybe if I had a dress like Heather I wouldn't mind doing housework so much - I could pretend to be Cinderella, and that I would be whisked away from that drudgery at any moment...(ok, busted, I am drinking my cocktail as I type!) Perhaps we should go shopping for new Housekeeping dresses... and we could try them on with the Bear slippers! and you can wear your new crown of course, princess! So sorry I missed your party - I was wishing I was there - but I am glad I didn't take the chance as my cough IS definitely there. I think we will have to have a second bash for those of us unable to attend the first one... and to celebrate round 2 of chemo done! Ya! We will plan on that! So keep warm and sleep lots so we can get together! and that's an order!


  5. Oh, Patty! Can you imagine me running around in nothing but a cowboy hat doing my housework. Not a visual we want, trust me! Or did you mean a cowboy hat WITH CLOTHES? It was great to see you guys in Regina, too. It was good to feel good and get out with friends to see our boys kick lacrosse butt!!

    Devy ... Aretha and me ... R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Is that what you're imagining, too? Sounds like good cleaning music. I sometimes put on Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell to get me in the mood, too. Or angry music, which is more often relegated to solo road trips. Don't ask me why but I love to sing loudly to "mad music". Maybe because I'm almost never really mad. In fact, maybe that's why I'm almost never made. Hmmmm ... ponder ...

    Gail, sorry you couldn't make it to the party and I'm sorry you have a summer old. I hate those! And no, I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY TO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE, though your son might not know if it were me or you doing the cleaning. Wasn't that funny that time when he thought I was you? Poor kid. The look on his face when he realized!

    Bonnie, I was thinking of how much you enjoy your mall shopping trips now that you're back downtown again. To bad the mall is so close to that "other place" (creepy), but still, you can avoid it.

    You do SO NEED A BLINGY DRESS FOR HOUSE-CLEANING! Okay ... AND a cocktail, just because we know we're not going to whisked away from the drudgery! Small comforts.

    Sorry you were unable to make the party. We'll party on later one day soon. You owe me a ride in your mustang, girl! I'll make sure to wear a hat with strings. Not a streaming scarf ... that's what killed Isadora Duncan, don't you know. I'm not joining Isadora, though I did have at one time some "Isadora Duncan shoes" that I just loved and are now sadly worn out and gone. I keep looking for another pair but have never been able to find any. *sigh*


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