Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Unexpected Treat!

Today is undeniably a crappy day for me. I just feel kind of "yuck". But, regardless, Carol came by for a visit and ... SURPRISE!! She brought everything, along with her upbeat spirit, to give me a pedicure! She gave me a spa foot soak, a foot massage, peppermint oil treatment with lotion and then painted my toes a nice, deep burgundy red. My toes look lovely and my feet feel great. And, to complete the spa-feeling, she also brought organic dark chocolate for us to nibble on. Best of all, she quite distracted me from how miserable I'd been feeling.

Sylvia came by, too, to gently deliver my 3rd (of 5) Neupogen injections. Carol was here to witness the event and she told me I was a "very big girl" about it. I'm not so sure. I'm pretty much a sucky baby about needles.

Time to relax a bit and admire my new toes! Maybe I'll post a photo of them later, though feet photos aren't really my thing.

Thanks, Carol and Sylvia!


  1. Hi Heather,What a yucky day outside,and to top it you feel yucky too.The glasses people messed up on Alexa`s lense so we won`t get them until tomorrow...hopefully you might feel up for a visit.We will call first and it would be late afternoon(4:00ish)and by then the sun might come out.Your toes sound very glamorous and likely BLOG-WORTHY.The pink garden is an incredible and creative expression,Erin.Chuck

  2. Thanks Carol, Erin and Sylvia for being such great teammates!
    Enjoy your toes Heather - I like having pretty toes, even when my hands are a mess!


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