Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anticipating Good Days Through to Next Wednesday

Don't you love this flower from our backyard? I don't know what it is, but it sure is showy!

After a slower day yesterday, I'm back to feeling very good today. Yesterday wasn't awful by any stretch, but my body told me to take it slow and so I did. Today I feel like I can be productive and that's a good feeling for sure.

This morning Kevin took me to the Champion Centre for bloodwork. This time they're monitoring my blood and liver enzymes weekly instead of just the day before chemo. I expect everything to be good and will probably get a phone call about the results later today or tomorrow.

My only worry about having "good" bloodwork results is whether that means the chemo isn't working as well as it would be otherwise. This is a question for the professionals. Maybe they'll bump my "E-chemo-drug" back up to 100% next round? Questions. Questions. All in good time.

I was finished at the Champion Centre very quickly today so I was able to pop in at the office and say hi to Norma, Patty, and her daughter, Kayla. It was so nice to see them and see some of the panels that are being prepared for an exhibit we've been working on. Notice how I said "we"? Okay ... not so much "we", but "they". It's looking, good, Norma and Nora!

Now ... my oatmeal/raison/blueberry/banana breakfast. Thanks Syl, for dropping off blueberries from your "secret source".



  1. Hi Heather, the Champion Centre is such
    a good name, I think we will use it in our
    family now!!!
    What do you hear from Hannah, Leah keeps texting me that she will email soon, I assume
    they are having lots of fun....

  2. Hi Eileen! We can thank our friend, Ron, for coming up with "Champion Centre". I much prefer it, too. It "feels" better.

    I haven't talked to Hannah since the morning they would be leaving Chicago ... two days ago, I think. All I know is they were having a great time and that on the day they left, they were going to first check out an art gallery and something else. She was impressed with some of the architecture in Chicago. And that's about all I know at this point, which means to me that they're having a TOTALLY AWESOME TIME! Let me know if you hear more.


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