Monday, July 20, 2009

On this day last cycle ...

... I ended up in the hospital! That won't be happening this time (knock on wood). I have no fever, I feel pretty good.
Actually, I feel better this morning than I felt all day yesterday. I don't mean to be ungrateful, but I wish I could have opted to feel like this yesterday while Kevin was around. Kevin is such a social animal, I think it's particularly hard for him when I'm having a less than great day on weekends and he's itchy to be getting together with friends, running errands together ... doing things ... seeing people ... things we would normally do. I'm not nearly as fun at home as I used to be. I feel badly about that, though Kevin is great about it. I was feeling particularly tired of being a "fighter" yesterday.

My chest bothered me all day yesterday ... the place where my PICC-line ends. It didn't hurt badly but it was just a relentless aching that was very wearing and demoralizing. Thankfully, I was able to sleep well last night and, for whatever reason, it's not bothering me this morning. Even then, Kevin and I did get out for a wee outing yesterday. A particularly exciting one for Kevin. Can you guess where we went? I'll bet you can't ...

We went through Kevin's favourite car wash!! The Co-op carwash at Preston Crossing! Kevin says it's the best one in the city and he should know. He gets all excited about the car wash. His favourite part is when it sprays the rainbow coloured sudsy stuff all over. He loves the bubble-gum smell of it and the pretty colours. Then again, he loves the fireworks effect on the windshield made by the vaccuum dryer sucking all the water off the car. You should see him. His eyes sparkle!! As he says, it doesn't take much to make him happy! That was the highlight of our little excursion.

We also stopped at Petland to look at puppies. Another very exciting stop for Kevin. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), none of the puppies were the kind that especially appeal to us. Good thing the SPCA is closed on Sundays. We did admire all the fish at Petland (the one at Stonebridge ... they have the nicest store fish tank setup I've ever seen) and we looked at a "corn snake", which I didn't want to look at very closely though the petstore guy REALLY wanted to get it out and let us get a better look. My nephew, Dawson, really wants a corn snake. I just wanted to know what he was talking about. I'm glad my kids didn't want snakes.

So, that was our exciting outing.

It doesn't look nice out this morning (though a multitude of birds seem to be having a frolicking good time in our back yard), which doesn't jibe very well with my feeling better today. I hope to walk to Broadway ... NOT the hospital! YEAH!! If it's not nice enough out for walking, I'll be doing a lot of back and forth walking to the washing machine.



  1. I must admit I love going through the Co-op car wash myself (except I've been using the new 8th St one). I actually find it quite relaxing (kinda like a pseudo 3 minute spa!)
    As for the weather (is that another farm thing - watching and talking about the weather every day) turned out not bad - except for almost getting blown away. I expect your walk would have been curtailed with that.
    Just glad you're having another good day - hope it lasted.
    Let's go dog shopping - Sounds like we're on similar missions. We have to wait until after our trip to Victoria in early August. But after that it's a GO!

  2. No big walk for me today. Didn't want my wig to blow away. That would have been startling for more than just me! I did get out and have some impromptu fun for a change, though. It's good to feel good! I do cherish days like this.

    And yes, let's get together and join forces in our dog-shopping mission. Planning ahead is good.


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