Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22 Blood Count Report

Liver Enzymes:
  • ALT = 152 (normal is 5-45)
  • AST = 88 (normal is 10-35)
Other blood counts:
  • White Blood Cells = 4.31 (normal is 4-11)
  • Neutraphils = 2.38 (normal is 1.5-7.5)
  • Platelets = 127 (normal is 150-400)
  • Hemoglobin = 102 (normal is 110-160)
Last week, my liver enzymes were well within normal. It's disappointing that they're above the normal range now, though they're not nearly as high as they were after my stay in the hospital (ALT was 698 and AST was 675). It must be the chemo causing that unless the medicine I take for shingles has any impact at all. Another question for my oncologist.

Otherwise, I think the blood counts aren't too bad considering it's been exactly 2 weeks since my 2nd chemo treatment. Numbers should be on the rise now.

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