Monday, July 27, 2009

Ramping Up for Chemo #3

I feel good. You know that I should now! I feel good. You know that I should. Of course I feel good. The weekend is over! Sour grapes? Maybe a little.

Anyway ... I do feel good and it's time to start prepping for Chemo #3 at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. I have a bloodwork appointment tomorrow morning and I'm sure it will signal that I'm good to go for Wednesday. I'm glad my chemo appointment is in the morning. Good to get it over with. I hate the chemo appointments because, so far, they are so uncomfortable. Even though I thought I really prepared for feeling cold last time, I was STILL cold. This time I'm taking even more blankets. And even if I were warm enough, I think I'd still be uncomfortable. I was told by a nurse that some of the first anti-nausea drugs they give before the actual F, E and C (the chemo drugs), can cause restlessness.

The good thing is that after this appointment, I'm half way done chemo and that's cause of celebration of some kind.

Today I start drinking LOTS of water. It's advised that a couple of days before chemo you drink lots of water and keep that up for several days after chemo, too. Today I also do some extra house cleaning to keep germs at bay and to get it done while I can.

Aren't the white lilies pretty? Have a wonderful day, everyone.
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