Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chemo's Slippery Slope

Yes, I think that's where I am. I'm feeling the downslide into low white blood cell counts, I think. Sylvia says I might be missing my dexamethadone, which she calls a "feel-good pill". If that's the case, I want it back.

I never did get to "perky" yesterday, which was a disappointment after I really did get some decent sleep. I did have a nice visit from Lynne, though, and some phone chats with Carol, Eileen, Susan and Lori. Thanks, Syl, very much for the lasagna. It was very good and full of iron for me. Much appreciated. Darrel and Lynn came by with the boys (Porter and Otto, their border collies) after dinner. They were waiting to pick up their son, Josh, from the airport. Hopefully, I'll see Josh tomorrow. He's my pilot nephew.

We also talked to Hannah last night. She's having such a great time and is taking lots of photos for me. She knows I'm living vicariously through her so I appreciate her catering to my "travel needs".

After feeling decreasing energy throughout the day yesterday, I was pretty much toast by 9:30 and in bed shortly after. Lots of little annoying chemo side-effects are emerging again. Nothing truly awful, just ... just ... THERE! Things like the discomfort in my chest where my PICC-line empties and the redness that looks a like sunburn. Last night my skin and the tissues beneath started to hurt in places. Odd places, like the right side of my face but not the left side ... my ribs if I touch them ... the soft tissues of my left arm. The same places that hurt a bit last time on my scalp have started to ache a bit, too. Maybe that means my bits of stubble will start to disappear? Can stubble fall out? There's not much gravity working for it. I felt some little lightning bolts followed by blurring in my left eye last night couple of nights. I'm not too surprised by those, though, because I read about someone experiencing those and having a panic attack only to find them very temporary and non-problematic. I'm starting to get the occasional "shakes". Same as last time.

Cancer's not for everyone, you know!

On the upside, I was exhausted enough last night to really sleep. Why else would I be up and out of bed at 6:00 a.m.?!!! It's raining quite heavily, by the way, for those of you who don't know. I hope all you farmers out there are getting it, too. I'll go back to bed in a while, I think.


  1. Morning Heather! Hope today is a higher energy & better feeling day for you! Looking forward to more hat pics. Love Ruth & Norman's black lily. Feel Better!

  2. Thanks, Devy! I just woke up from my nap this afternoon and am feeling like a different person than I felt yesterday ... in a very good way, I'm happy to say.

    I plan on checking out your website photos when I get the chance. Something to look forward to.


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