Sunday, July 26, 2009


After spending all of yesterday on the couch, I feel better today. My stomach muscles have made themselves known. Actually, it was probably good for them to get a little workout! Thanks, Brenda, for the potato soup that I thought I'd save for post-chemo days. It turns out it was good for my stomach yesterday.

So ... better today. Up, Up and Away ... as long as I stay in my bubble ... which includes my backyard, which I'm going to now check out since I didn't see it yesterday.

It was so pretty outside after the light rain that I had to take flower photos. There are so many I like, I'll start with this one.


  1. Hey Girl....glad to hear you have been feeling great this time around, then sad to hear you picked up a little bug of some sort. Oh well these things happen and it sounds like you are over it and on the mend. The last blood work results looked great according to your older post and I hope the shingle (boa constictor thingie) isn't bugging you too much. That is kinda what it felt like when I had them too. Just had to comment that your flower photos are spectacular!! Wish I could take shots like that. It that a camera that you have to change all the settings and stuff....not really my thing. I like the Auto ones.....anyway, just wanted to say hi and that we were away on holidays last week and are heading out again tomorrow for another week and probably won't have any internet access so talk to ya after the Aug long. Good luck with the next go round at the Champion centre!!!! Gail W

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me and cheering me on, Gail! I'm not too handy with a camera, believe me. I have learned how to turn the flash on and off and that's about the only non-automatic adjustment I make. The main thing is that, with digital, you can just take pictures again and again until you finally get one you like ... especially with flowers. People aren't always so patient.

    Have a great holiday, Gail!


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