Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is Your Favourite Famous Voice?

While watching tv tonight, one of those Olympic ads narrated by Donald Sutherland came on. I was thinking about how much I love his voice. I also love Leonard Cohen's voice. I think they're my two favourite voices (aside from voices of comfort from my childhood). For a moment I almost added Sean Connery's but as much as I love his voice, I'll stick with Donald and Leonard. I just realized, too, that both of my choices are Canadian. Hmmmm ... I didn't plan that. Interesting. Ponder ... ponder ... ponder.

Who has your favourite famous voice? Surely someone comes to mind.


  1. Hi Heather! Really glad to hear you had such a good day!! I think my favourite voice would have to be Stuart him!! Love his stories!! Hope you have another SUPER day! Just DON'T overdue it!

  2. Great to hear that you are feeling better with this round of Chemo. OMG Heather!!! What about Sam Elliott????? He has the best voice in the WHOLE world.
    Hav a great day.

  3. What also strikes me about your favorite voices is that they also look similar! I haven't decided who has my favorite talking voice yet; I'll have to think about that! But I do know some favorite singing voices - like Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), and Don Henley (Eagles).
    The sun's out again today - hopefully that makes another great day for you.

  4. Stuart McLean? Sam Elliot? Jim Cuddy? Don Henley? Hmmm ... now I'll have to go listen ...

  5. I know this will come as a complete surprise to you Heather, but I think my favorite voices are Joe Carbury calling the Calgary Stampede Chucks (who retired last year after 45 years - I really missed him this year) & Bob Tallman announcing the Stampede Rodeo. They've been the voices of Stampede for my whole life, so they just seem perfect. All I've ever known! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Take care.


  6. Rhonda! Toooooo funny!! Rodeo voices!! Whodathunk?!! Surely, now, someone will think of some great rural auctioneer whose voice makes them go weak at the knees ... either because of their voice or because they associate them with that beloved glazed clay bread-making bowl they bid on and won.


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